Aces High: Amaral vs McCanns Libel Case

The secret is out, Snr Gonçalo Amaral has sleeves stuffed full of Aces that he will produce at the libel trial with the McCanns. Could these Aces be linked to the finely crafted darkest, blackest leather wallet with hand stitched trim that holds the suppressed files on the investigation into missing Madeleine McCann?

You know, those files that were secretly put together by the clandestine investigation that ran parallel with the very public investigation led by Gonçalo Amaral which was only a front for the secret, black investigation, conducted by a hooded figure only ever seen in silhouette?

This secret information is only on a “need to know basis” so if you don’t know about it, you don’t need to know about it. Absolutely hush-hush yet most of the anti Madeleine McCann internet obsessives claim to have first hand knowledge of this apparently, classified information. How could this be?

If these internet obsessives are to be believed the Ace up Amaral’s sleeve is in fact evidence to prove that Kate and Gerry McCann, along with their friends who holidayed with them are complicit in someway with Madeleine’s disappearance. The burning question at this point is why, when Amaral could have saved himself financial ruin and several court appearances has he not already played this damning Ace in court? Surely the most opportunist time to bring the investigation to a conclusion would be at his first libel trial concerned with the publishing of his book on the Madeleine case. Any legal counsel would have implored Amaral to play this Ace then, not save it for a future hearing.

It’s not just the Ace itself, the obsessives cannot decide among one another who has the real, bonafide secret information and who has been given duff information. They fight it out on-line to see who can screech the loudest to win the day. The alleged content of these hidden files is certainly eye opening.

They reliably inform on social networking sites that the files contain evidence that Madeleine was already dead prior to the holiday. Then again they also say that Madeleine never existed. Those professing to be on the inside of the ‘secret investigation’ say that Madeleine did exist but Amaral has proof that she was a clone based on the research of Dr Mengele in Auschwitz and part of a Jewish Masonic conspiracy against the rise of the Fourth Reich.

Then again, those who claim absolutely that they have the Holy Grail that is the secret, unreleased McCann case files compound with ferocity and abuse that Madeleine’s death was covered up by;

The UK Police, the incumbent UK Labour government of the time, the Portuguese government, the BND (German Intelligence Services), MI6 (UK Foreign Intelligence), The US Ambassador to Portugal, The CIA, the UK judicial system down to and including the magistrates courts, French Fifth Column, The Vatican, The UK House of Lords, Jimmy Savile (UK’s most prolific child sex offender), Freemasons, The Order of the Garter, The Knights of Malta, The CNI (Spanish Intelligence Services), The SAS, Harriet Harman, the entire UK and Portuguese national press, Rupert Murdoch, all UK based child protection agencies, The Jesuits, The European Parliament, JK Rowling, Sir Brian Henry Leveson, Group 4 and a double glazing salesman from the North West of England to name but a mere few.

Why would all these organisations and people cover up the alleged death of Madeleine McCann? What is so special about two doctors from Leicestershire? Once again, this all depends on who you ask and the motives differ just as wildly as the list of people who are said to be named in the secret files. There are now so many interpretations of the data in these ‘secret files’ that it really isn’t conceivable to list them all here. What I can say with great certainty is that none of the theories explain sensibly why anyone should believe that any of the “sources” are factually based. In fact if these ‘secret files’ really did exist then Amaral is apparently sitting on a multitude of mortal man’s sins and could present a new one at each hearing for the very long foreseeable future.

In true conspiracy theory, there is always a fail safe built in that excuses the theorist from ever having to prove any of their claims. This theory is certainly no exception. Amaral hasn’t played his Aces up his sleeve because it would quite literally, send us back to the Dark Ages by all accounts. Hence, no reason for him to show these Aces in public, or indeed, ever admit that he had aces in the first place. He will in fact pretend to be ace-less and suffer the injustice of the Portuguese Judge as a martyr to the cause. What that cause is remains somewhat shrouded in the mists of conspiracy.

At some point common sense has to take over the fanciful meanderings through a dark and conspiracy filled Wonderland. No matter how much we are ultimately suckers for the truth we all draw a line when any missing child case descends into theories involving Nazi death squads, Masonic assassins, cloned replacement children and a double glazing salesman with power that Rupert Murdoch can only dream of. If you want to know the rest of the conspiracy just watch “The Boys From Brazil” with Gregory Peck and you will get the idea. When you are listening to someone tell you something and you say to yourself that you have heard more convincing ‘news’ stories by the Brothers Grimm then it’s a safe bet its all just fictitious.

To this day none of the people who spend hour after hour on the internet desecrating Madeleine’s name have ever produced evidence or a sensible suggestion to what happened to her. The ones they do cling to are contradictory, fanciful and always end up with the  Freemasons covering something up.

João Carlos when asked directly about hidden files, unreleased files or anything that Amaral could have kept to himself for personal profit relating to the case, Carlos stated emphatically that all the files had been released and these were the files that Operation Grange were reviewing in conjunction with their own. Fernando José Pinto Monteiro the Attorney General when reviewing the files stated that there was no additional or un-filed evidence or investigative leads pertaining to the Madeleine McCann investigation.

It can’t be any more confirmed than it is now. There are no secret files, no Aces for Amaral to play. But of course, those internet obsessives who daily abuse and insult Madeleine’s family on-line never let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.

Especially one that has a double glazing salesman.

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1 Response to Aces High: Amaral vs McCanns Libel Case

  1. Mazoo says:

    How’s this for a theory. Madeleine died an accidental death in apartment 5A. A person or persons removed the body, sanitised the scene and verbally set the scene for an abductor in order to mislead police. Any Dna evidence is inconclusive due to the sheer number of people searching for a ‘live girl that has been abducted’ in the apartment and surrounding area. Political tensions arise and various police forces let their own egos cloud the situation. No masons, microchip agenda or Aliens. Why pick a few crazy conspiracy theories and label anyone who doesn’t believe the ‘official’ story as crazy too?

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