Madeleine Facebook Group Caught Adding People without Consent

The Facebook group that is owned and run by Liz Taylor or HiDeHo as she calls herself is once again in trouble after numerous accounts were added to the group without consent.

The group recently made headlines across the world when one of its members, Sheila Basher threatened to shoot Kate McCann while she takes part in the London Marathon. Liz Taylor then attempted to contact Operation Grange, the Scotland Yard team reviewing Madeleine’s case in an attempt to “sweeten” the investigators up to go easy on Basher. Calls for the Facebook group to be closed were dismissed by Facebook administrators citing:

“All groups and members of Facebook have the right to free speech and we do take all complaints about content very seriously. The complaint has been investigated and have found no objectionable content in that group that violates Facebook terms and conditions.”

Zak : Facebook Admin team

The group then suffered a mass exodus following the gun threat even though Taylor finally removed the thread from public view. Since then other group members have been trying to recruit more people to the group but this has proved difficult with no one wanting to associate themselves with people who glorify violence and fantasize about harming Madeleine’s mother.

In a desperate attempt to bolster numbers existing members were asked to create second accounts on Facebook and use these for the group. The reasoning being it ‘will increase members and also the second accounts are false identities so you can say what you like’. This electronic communication believed to be from Paul Rees, one of the groups members was mostly ignored and a copy passed to this website. When this strategy didn’t work, Paul and two unidentified members began adding “friends of friends” on Facebook in the hope that these people would just accept the invite without really paying any attention.

This strategy did work up to the point that members then realized what they had become a part of after being alerted to the group. Jo Dixon and others started sending warnings out;

“I have had dozens of replies from people who have been added without their permission I have seen evidence that admin have added people without them knowing. Yes I have the proof. I read it on that page for myself. And I think it utterly objectionable that people are added to a site which has gained notoriety in the press”

Jo Dixon, Facebook Group Member

Most of those members that have been tricked by Rees have now made complaints to Facebook regarding the groups activity which does clearly breach Facebook Terms and Conditions. I have lodged a second complaint against the group in the hope that it will be finally removed from the social networking site.

Paul Rees is no stranger to abusive online behavior  In 2011 he was cautioned after he was identified as part of a group that posted vile abuse at Facebook and memorial groups to Natasha MacBryde. Another member of the group, Sean Duffy was jailed for his participation in the online attacks. The attacks are similar to the personal attacks that Kate McCann now suffers. In one attack Natasha’s mother was taunted with online abuse accusing her daughter of being a “whore” shortly before the school girl’s funeral.

Facebook have said they are now looking into the complaints and the groups behavior.

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2 Responses to Madeleine Facebook Group Caught Adding People without Consent

  1. You really should check your facts Mr Red Cross. The words you quote as from Jo Dixon were not from her.

    I know this because they were part of a private conversation which she disgracefully posted on the Controversy Facebook page (before being persuaded that her action would cause more problems than it was worth).

    They were my words which she was quoting. But she was too incompetent to make differentiate between what she had said and what I had said.

  2. fattassassin says:

    Just a quick word, no comments will be published that insult Mr Castello who has commented. This is not censorship this is common decency and you will not use this website to abuse one another.

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