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2013 A Year In Review and Opinion

Since I last wrote back in August little has changed in actual fact on the internet regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. If anything the various nasty characters wasting their infinitely empty lives on beating Madeleine and her parents have … Continue reading

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Tony Bennett to Relaunch Political Career

Anthony Bennett, the disgraced solicitor who heads up the sinister Madeleine Foundation is set to relaunch his career in politics. In a speech made at the Harlow WI center over the weekend Bennett announced his new ‘Temperance Party’. In the … Continue reading

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The Madeleine Foundation and the inextricable link to violence

Its all too easy these days to forgot about the legacy that the sinister Madeleine Foundation has left upon the internet and the Madeleine McCann investigation. It has never been a stranger to controversial activity but what has been somewhat glossed … Continue reading

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