Same Facebook Group, Another Death Threat at Kate McCann from Entrenched Gonçalo Amaral Supporter

The Metropolitan Police in London, United Kingdom are investigating another death threat directed at missing Madeleine McCann’s mother Kate.

The same Facebook group administered by Liz Taylor that issued a specific death threat to shoot Kate McCann during the London marathon is responsible for another graphic threat to shoot Kate in the head. The threat was issued by a Ciaran Gorman from Dublin and then was later defended by Bill Sailor, a recognized Neo-Nazi from his graphic image of the swastika on a blue background denoting the rise of the Fourth Reich.

Following a number of complaints Facebook have now agreed to review the content of this page following accusations that it was another online repository for extreme right wing intolerant views.

Extreme right wing groups have always attached themselves to the McCann case starting with Tony Bennett from the Madeleine Foundation who was booted out of Veritas for circulating a pamphlet he had written that incited racial hatred.

A Metropolitan Police officer confirmed that the force were investigating a specific threat made against Kate McCann’s life and that Leicestershire Police had been made aware.

Regardless of political leanings what all these people who congregate on this Facebook page have in common is an aggressive and periodically violent defense of Snr Gonçalo Amaral, the former lead detective in Madeleine’s case.

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1 Response to Same Facebook Group, Another Death Threat at Kate McCann from Entrenched Gonçalo Amaral Supporter

  1. Zak says:

    Hideho has been banned from Facebook for multiple contraventions of the terms and conditions of use specifically maintaining multiple accounts on the site and for conducting malicious activity with other Facebook users. Thank you.

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