New Comedy Double Act Hardy and Hyland fail to impress Jim Gamble

Laurel and Hardy, Morecambe and Wise, Little and Large, even Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques have nothing on the new comedy double act on twitter; Hardy and Hyland.

In true slap stick humor the pair managed to oaf their way through a dialogue with Jim Gamble, former head of CEOP but Jim wasn’t laughing  In fact he rightly suggested that both of them were unable to deal with reality. Something that most Madeleine McCann online haters suffer from. Not to be out done, Mike Hardy then accused Gamble’s twitter account of being a parody account with comedy duo straight man Hyland nodding in agreement.

The reality is that Jim uses the twitter account to make comments about varied topics relating to children’s welfare. Had Hardy or Hyland actually checked the twitter stream they would have seen Sara Payne exchanging comment with Jim along with various UK police forces. Hardly a parody account by any stretch of wild imagination.

However this is what happens when these vacuous online McCann family bullies don’t get their own way, they come out in force and attack the individual concerned. At one point Jim can be clearly seen asking all of them to cease the abuse by which time included the idiocy of Paul Rees who does have a vulgar parody account on twitter with which to attack Madeleine and her family.

To get an idea of just how aggressive and abusive the Madeleine haters can be, Kier Simmons from ITV UK was on the receiving end of their hatred when he spoke out in support of the McCann family. His account was deluged with abuse prompting him to write a blog of his experience dealing with people who have no empathy and as he described them; “they represent the worst of the human psyche electronically unleashed.”

Mike Hardy is certainly no stranger to violent threats, and would it surprise the reader to know he has been involved with Tony Bennett’s Madeleine Foundation as well as the hideous and now deleted 3 Arguidos website. Hardy loves nothing more than boasting about his ability to snap women’s necks if they displease him.

Sean Hyland we have covered before on this website and his links to Tony Bennett and the Madeleine Foundation.

The unfortunate thing for Jim now is that blocking is simply not going to be enough. Like Mark Williams, the man behind the Jimmy Savile documentary that exposed him as the UK’s most prolific child sex offender, Jim can expect his personal and professional life to be attacked relentlessly on-line.

Why do people like Mr Gamble and Mr Williams-Thomas, men who are at the fore front of child welfare and security in the UK savagely attacked? The answer is quite simple, Hardy, Hyland and their various groups have no interest in a missing child, or the welfare of children, they just want to abuse.

Specifically why leading public figures who campaign tirelessly to expose child sex offenders are subjected to this barrage remains a mystery, but it does draw very uncomfortable conclusions. Through their online campaigns the various ‘anti’ Madeleine groups seek ultimately to undermine and trivialize the work done by Gamble and Williams-Thomas. Also by attacking them each day via media such as twitter they hope to get a reaction that they can use against them to further discredit them personally. It’s  never worked and it never will. These people hold the positions of responsibility that they do because they are level headed professionals that are able to dismiss these people for what they are, as Kier Simmons said “These people say they are ‘truth seekers’. They are not. What they write is just nasty, obsessive and vicious.”

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One Response to New Comedy Double Act Hardy and Hyland fail to impress Jim Gamble

  1. Dolynda says:

    Mike Hardy the bully boy thug who thinks he is an ace ‘reporter’ is nothing but a fat cyber mouth piece. He causes more disruption on twitter & Facebook than any troll. I do wish he would just piss off & do something constructive with his sad life.

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