Bonkers Gonc In Foil Hatting MI5 Intelligence Conspiracy Tirade

Snr Gonçalo Amaral is a man teetering on the precipice of reason and sanity. It would only take a slight draught of common sense and logic to knock him off; to fall into the abyss frequented by the nefarious bunch of internet loons and trolls who never want to see Madeleine reunited with her family and insist, forcibly and with threats that she is dead.

You can often wonder where the conspiracies involving Madeleine derive from, and it’s mostly from the confused blue rinse brigade or drunken typing of the keyboard warriors who have nothing better to do with their lonely lives. Having said that it appears that bonkers Gonc is not afraid to feed the fire of conspiracy himself. In a recent interview he claimed that the United Kingdom Internal Intelligence, MI5 held all the information regarding Madeleine’s disappearance. It does make you wonder whether he has been trawling the internet and twitter for excuses to get his face back in the media. Many websites and bulletin boards have for some considerable time stated that the British domestic intelligence agency was involved in the cover up, yes he did say cover up of the Madeleine McCann case. As soon as Gonçalo says this he has immediately joined the ranks of the armchair detectives who understand very little, propose a great deal and only seek to deride and cause as much pain to Madeleine and her family as possible.

Not satisfied with tossing in a good conspiracy theory, Gonçalo Amaral then sets about criticising the Metropolitan Police investigation claiming that the theory and leads were analysed and dismissed by his team back in 2007 and were considered ridiculous. One could point the finger at Amaral and say exactly the same about his theory, now an internet conspiracy theory that Madeleine’s death was somehow covered up by her parents, which incidentally involves British Intelligence services of MI5 if he is to be entertained for a moment.

Is there anything that Gonçalo Amaral won’t say to the press and media in the hope of escaping a hefty libel bill in Lisbon on the 8th July of this year? Going on past experience as soon as anyone mentions, wrongly as a matter of fact that MI5 are involved it normally isn’t long before the Freemasons are also included. It’s a slippery conspiracy slope that is sparse on fact and heavy on foil. As soon as the Masons are involved it’s like open season in the dank world of the conspiracy theorist. Before long all manner of ne’er-do-wells pop up and become instantly woven into a foil tapestry that sooner or later becomes internet folklore and myth by websites and forums keen to propagate fairy tales instead of sticking to proven facts and reasonable deduction.

How long before Snr Gonçalo Amaral starts waving his arms around feverishly in front of TV cameras claiming Masonic interference was the reason for his departure from the Portuguese Police force instead of the actual reason being his questionable conduct prior to and including the Madeleine investigation? Furthermore Amaral then goes on to say that the MET review team theory about intruders taking Madeleine is nonsense because there was no forced entry… it beggars belief when you look at who the Portuguese Police have brought in for questioning in the last 24 hours! People who had access to or could gain entry to the apartment using a key. Yet Snr Amaral insists that although the more logical theory he chooses to dismiss this so he can indulge his conspiratorial fantasises of a cover up including Madeleine’s parents, their friends and now MI5!

While we are on the subject of Military Intelligence 5, can I just point out, as it is on the website that “The Security Service (MI5) is responsible for protecting the United Kingdom against threats to national security”. That’s the domestic intelligence guarding against threats to the United Kingdom. What I believe Snr Amaral actually meant was Military Intelligence 6 which is the foreign intelligence agency who would normally deal with situations that have United Kingdom interests abroad. As with all the McCann conspiracy theorists, they never let facts get in the way of a fanciful theory. Quite what Snr Amaral expected the domestic services to be doing in the Algarve is beyond me because it falls outside their operational remit. Unless of course their colleagues in Branch 6 requested their assistance. Semantics aside, whoever was over there, if anyone was there in fact it would have been Branch 6 running the show, not 5.

Been here before though many years ago trying to explain to the conspiracy theorists who were wildly running away with the idea that some ambassador, MP or even Jimmy Savile was present with the McCanns and friends hence the reason for the UK foreign intelligence crawling all over the Algarve. Because as every good conspiracy theorist who is worth their salt knows as soon as the shadowy presence of any intelligence agency descends, that’s it, it’s a cover up from top to bottom. And believe me, there is no reasoning with these people. They will twist and turn and attempt to use linguistics to justify whatever crackpot theory they have, and when they run out they resort to threats and name calling.

Snr Amaral’s conspiracy tirade is likely to stoke up the engines on twitter and internet forums once again because effectively he has given the loons more blank ammunition to go to war on common sense and logic. The tired old phrase of Amaral knowing the truth will be trotted out yet again, he will have aces up his sleeve, he has the black documents, the full file on Madeleine which he will produce to readdress the apparent injustice and have the McCanns strung up, lynch mob style right there on the streets of Lisbon.

So what really prompts such a man as Snr Amaral to publically say something as fanciful as this? Simple truth is that his theory on what happened to Madeleine is to be tested in the law courts. If it rules in favour of Madeleine’s parents then Snr Amaral has been proved wrong. Not that such a ruling will silence those who seek to ensure Madeleine is never reunited with her family, they will simply spin up another conspiracy to exonerate the disgraced detective, probably at the hands of MI5.

The conspiracy roundabout continues to turn.

Gonçalo Amaral Interview

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4 Responses to Bonkers Gonc In Foil Hatting MI5 Intelligence Conspiracy Tirade

  1. Wulf says:

    Subscribed to you site. I like your posts

  2. Iben kayser says:

    Dear ordinisrubricrucis.
    Generally interested in the Mccann case and trying to make way through all the different opinions I stumbled upon your page.
    I don´t understand your choice of words. Your message comes across derogatory and does no favour to this serious case. Of course you are free to speekas you wish but why stoop to the same level that you are acusing your oponents of?

    You are covering yourself up “so it is not about the man but the message” and yet your, not so well hidden anger, is all about specifik persons. Sometimes to the extend that one would rather look up their sites.
    However mu question to you is: I have tried to find evidence of the abduction of the little one but with no luck. Can you provide some info on that subject?

    Thank you.

  3. Iben kayser says:

    Hello again.

    A simple research on the internet revieled that this site is run by markmonitor, a proffesionel brandprotecion company. Stupid of me to ask for any relevant info when you are just a hired company to brand one version of the story, rather than getting it solved.
    I won’t wait for your answer however I will expect sure to be deleted soon 🙂

    • AndyDaws says:

      I can find no evidence for that whatsoever…..nor does a search on “ordinisrubriscrucis markmonitor” get any hits at all

      Anyhow, looking forward to the frothing following Amaral’s caning in the Libel case…

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