Bonkers Gonc In Foil Hatting MI5 Intelligence Conspiracy Tirade

Snr Gonçalo Amaral is a man teetering on the precipice of reason and sanity. It would only take a slight draught of common sense and logic to knock him off; to fall into the abyss frequented by the nefarious bunch of internet loons and trolls who never want to see Madeleine reunited with her family and insist, forcibly and with threats that she is dead.

You can often wonder where the conspiracies involving Madeleine derive from, and it’s mostly from the confused blue rinse brigade or drunken typing of the keyboard warriors who have nothing better to do with their lonely lives. Having said that it appears that bonkers Gonc is not afraid to feed the fire of conspiracy himself. In a recent interview he claimed that the United Kingdom Internal Intelligence, MI5 held all the information regarding Madeleine’s disappearance. It does make you wonder whether he has been trawling the internet and twitter for excuses to get his face back in the media. Many websites and bulletin boards have for some considerable time stated that the British domestic intelligence agency was involved in the cover up, yes he did say cover up of the Madeleine McCann case. As soon as Gonçalo says this he has immediately joined the ranks of the armchair detectives who understand very little, propose a great deal and only seek to deride and cause as much pain to Madeleine and her family as possible.

Not satisfied with tossing in a good conspiracy theory, Gonçalo Amaral then sets about criticising the Metropolitan Police investigation claiming that the theory and leads were analysed and dismissed by his team back in 2007 and were considered ridiculous. One could point the finger at Amaral and say exactly the same about his theory, now an internet conspiracy theory that Madeleine’s death was somehow covered up by her parents, which incidentally involves British Intelligence services of MI5 if he is to be entertained for a moment.

Is there anything that Gonçalo Amaral won’t say to the press and media in the hope of escaping a hefty libel bill in Lisbon on the 8th July of this year? Going on past experience as soon as anyone mentions, wrongly as a matter of fact that MI5 are involved it normally isn’t long before the Freemasons are also included. It’s a slippery conspiracy slope that is sparse on fact and heavy on foil. As soon as the Masons are involved it’s like open season in the dank world of the conspiracy theorist. Before long all manner of ne’er-do-wells pop up and become instantly woven into a foil tapestry that sooner or later becomes internet folklore and myth by websites and forums keen to propagate fairy tales instead of sticking to proven facts and reasonable deduction.

How long before Snr Gonçalo Amaral starts waving his arms around feverishly in front of TV cameras claiming Masonic interference was the reason for his departure from the Portuguese Police force instead of the actual reason being his questionable conduct prior to and including the Madeleine investigation? Furthermore Amaral then goes on to say that the MET review team theory about intruders taking Madeleine is nonsense because there was no forced entry… it beggars belief when you look at who the Portuguese Police have brought in for questioning in the last 24 hours! People who had access to or could gain entry to the apartment using a key. Yet Snr Amaral insists that although the more logical theory he chooses to dismiss this so he can indulge his conspiratorial fantasises of a cover up including Madeleine’s parents, their friends and now MI5!

While we are on the subject of Military Intelligence 5, can I just point out, as it is on the website that “The Security Service (MI5) is responsible for protecting the United Kingdom against threats to national security”. That’s the domestic intelligence guarding against threats to the United Kingdom. What I believe Snr Amaral actually meant was Military Intelligence 6 which is the foreign intelligence agency who would normally deal with situations that have United Kingdom interests abroad. As with all the McCann conspiracy theorists, they never let facts get in the way of a fanciful theory. Quite what Snr Amaral expected the domestic services to be doing in the Algarve is beyond me because it falls outside their operational remit. Unless of course their colleagues in Branch 6 requested their assistance. Semantics aside, whoever was over there, if anyone was there in fact it would have been Branch 6 running the show, not 5.

Been here before though many years ago trying to explain to the conspiracy theorists who were wildly running away with the idea that some ambassador, MP or even Jimmy Savile was present with the McCanns and friends hence the reason for the UK foreign intelligence crawling all over the Algarve. Because as every good conspiracy theorist who is worth their salt knows as soon as the shadowy presence of any intelligence agency descends, that’s it, it’s a cover up from top to bottom. And believe me, there is no reasoning with these people. They will twist and turn and attempt to use linguistics to justify whatever crackpot theory they have, and when they run out they resort to threats and name calling.

Snr Amaral’s conspiracy tirade is likely to stoke up the engines on twitter and internet forums once again because effectively he has given the loons more blank ammunition to go to war on common sense and logic. The tired old phrase of Amaral knowing the truth will be trotted out yet again, he will have aces up his sleeve, he has the black documents, the full file on Madeleine which he will produce to readdress the apparent injustice and have the McCanns strung up, lynch mob style right there on the streets of Lisbon.

So what really prompts such a man as Snr Amaral to publically say something as fanciful as this? Simple truth is that his theory on what happened to Madeleine is to be tested in the law courts. If it rules in favour of Madeleine’s parents then Snr Amaral has been proved wrong. Not that such a ruling will silence those who seek to ensure Madeleine is never reunited with her family, they will simply spin up another conspiracy to exonerate the disgraced detective, probably at the hands of MI5.

The conspiracy roundabout continues to turn.

Gonçalo Amaral Interview

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Gonçalo Amaral: The Running Man

Who could have possibly foreseen Snr Amaral firing his legal counsel the very day Madeleine’s parents were to give a statement to the court in the ongoing libel trial ?

The truth is if it hadn’t been Amaral spectacularly shooting himself in the foot, again, he would have come up with another ruse with which to delay the legal process. You can just imagine the phone call on the Friday evening; ‘Hey Gonc, we’re on a hiding to nothing here. How about an out of court settlement since you don’t have any aces after all and there’s no evidence whatsoever to back up the claims you made?’

Back in March of last year I talked about these alleged Aces that Snr Amaral conveniently kept up his sleeves. However you will find that those who claimed to know about these Aces have gone strangely silent. Probably because they are cooking up another conspiracy to justify that the Aces were there, but were stolen, yes, stolen from the former detective by McCann associates no doubt. Those pesky McCann associates and their ilk. And if you are somewhat confused by what is meant by McCann associates then please read here and you will be totally and utterly confused. But then again, lunatic conspiracies are defined by their very existence by a lack of joined up thinking.

Interestingly enough I’m sure it comes as no surprise that a site like this gets, well the polite way of putting it is some rather enthusiastic comments that never make the website sadly. Mainly because they contain profanity, a lot of profanity recently, vulgar insinuations or wild unfounded accusations that they aren’t worth publishing for the comedy factor. One however did catch my eye that accused this site of being ‘McCann associates’ which now puts myself within the realms of the McCann conspiracy twilight zone along with a list of nefarious people. It’s the black and white thing, if you aren’t baying for Madeleine’s parents to be strung up in lynch mob fashion then you are part of the dark conspiracy that involves people from the Pope to politicians and the Reich.

Snr Amaral hurried into court Monday morning and had the request to adjourn the case again at 09:00 local time. This is of course after Madeleine’s parents had already arrived in Portugal with the expectation of giving their statements. So another wasted trip for them. They should bung that on travel and expense claims and raid the mini bar all on Amaral for this latest howler. There is no getting away from the simple truth here and that is Snr Amaral is in the wrong. He knows he’s wrong. Here is a man who has been dragging this libel case on for years hoping that at some point, something, no matter how small will surface that vindicates anything he claimed. And it hasn’t. It never will because he was wrong and as a result he led the investigation off in the wrong way.

It’s debatable as to whether Amaral has even reached the point where he knows he was wrong. For all intents and purposes he could have fired his counsel purely because he wanted to find someone, anyone in the world who would say to him ‘yeh actually Gonc, I think you can win this. Who needs evidence, you the man, the big cheese, the head honcho. We can do this…despite of the fact there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that can back up a single thing you have said. Go team Gonc’

If this is the case then sadly Snr Gonçalo Amaral is deluded. Madeleine’s father yesterday outside the court described Amaral’s firing of counsel to be “cynical”, and to be fair to him most people would agree. Amaral has gone out of his way to postpone and prolong this libel case. Over a year ago we were all talking about the possibility of an out of court settlement, figures had been agreed and it looked like it was a done deal. Then Amaral decided that he wanted to continue. Only he knows the reasoning behind this decision because to anyone else it was madness. He’s beat and he knows it but will he ever face up to the fact ?

Just to briefly recap what Amaral is attempting to defend; that Madeleine died in the holiday apartment and her parents were in some way involved in a conspiracy to conceal the crime. I think you could visit all the major high street bookies and none of them would give you odds on the McCanns winning this case. If Amaral had any last thread to cling to, that was certainly snapped when DCI Redwood heading up the review team announced that their investigation did not include Madeleine’s parents. At all. That’s got to have stung Amaral, to have professionals in the line of business he was in declare effectively that he had been barking up the wrong tree and the evidence that his investigators collected in no way indicated Madeleine’s death or her parents colluding to cover anything up. This should have been the wakeup call for him, this also should have been the moment he held is head high and said that he was and is wrong. For him to continue with the libel trial tends to suggest he know believes in conspiracies, or at the very least is subject of a conspiracy to discredit him. But hang on a moment, this is the same Amaral that chose the very morning the libel trial was due to commence to request an adjournment because he had no legal representation. So who exactly is discrediting him here, it’s not the McCanns that’s for sure. They were ready and up for their day in court.

This is a reoccurring issue with Amaral though. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to have a ruling in this case. We could ask ourselves why is he, the man with all the aces to bury the McCanns so petrified of these last days of the libel trial?

Answer is simple. He knows he’s beat. Not even the conspiracy theorists can avoid that glaring fact. With Amaral beat, they are beat and it means the head of the conspiracy hydra has been removed.

And over seven years of invested hatred and accusations will make them face up to the fact that they were horribly wrong. What is more they have left a car crash of abuse, false accusations and hideous attacks against Madeleine and her parents that at some point will be found by Madeleine’s brother and sister on the internet.

Go team Gonc!

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The Spotlight Falls on Praia da Luz

The continuing investigation into missing Madeleine McCann stepped up this week when Scotland Yard officers joined their Portuguese counterparts to begin searching areas of the Algarve. Using ground penetrating radar, sniffer dogs and hi tech mini cameras, the joint investigation team appear to be closing in on further evidence in the case. Although the search teams are highly visible at the resort the reasons for them being there remains shrouded in mystery as neither the Portuguese nor Scotland Yard officers are wanting to give the press “a running commentary” as one senior office stated.

Speculation in the UK tabloids has been high yet again that the areas being searched are a result of several witness statements given to the initial Portuguese investigation that were dismissed as irrelevant. Although the teams appear upbeat in their searches there is an underlying feeling that there is a potentially gruesome side to all this. The press have just about stopped short of speculating that they are looking for a body, and following the findings from the Leveson inquiry this is probably a very good thing.

As with anything Madeleine related there’s always an ugly side and the start of the searching was certainly no exception when a rather large and clearly embittered elderly woman waddled up to the police tape hurling abuse at Madeleine’s parents as if they were stood there. Perhaps in her addled mind she thought they were. Clearly obsessed by Gerry and especially Kate McCann the woman shouted slogans about the Portuguese Police needing to investigate the “lies” and not the “land”. Before being moved away from the bemused press pack she hurled a chilling warning to anyone who would listen to her rambling that Praia de Luz knew the truth about what happened to Madeleine and everyone in the resort hated Madeleine’s parents. Suffice to say it was another conspiracy theorist wanting her ten seconds of fame on the back of Madeleine McCann.

It was an interesting statement though. The whole of Praia de Luz hated the McCanns? The reality is far more mundane I’m afraid. Contrary to the wizened old woman’s words, the locals do not hate Madeleine’s parents however they are confused and somewhat bewildered at the Grange task force officers searching the area yet again. Also to bear in mind is that they have business to run and have concerns that the police presence in the area will deter the tourists. A gentleman sat outside in the afternoon sun voiced similar concerns as he sipped on his coffee. “Can’t understand why they are scratching around that ground” he said. “When the little girl went missing that area and the other one they are going to dig up had many a footfall over that night and the next day. She isn’t there that’s for sure”

A hotelier was quick to express concern about the high visibility of the police searches stating that she had already taken room cancellations due to the increased activity. Whether or not this was stated as the reason for the cancellations remains to be seen but I find it hard to believe as did those in ear shot.  Nor was anyone particularly impressed with similar comments made by the elderly heckler at the police tape when she shouted that Madeleine was a curse upon the resort. At times I am still staggered at the contempt people show for the young life of a child. Certainly such thoughts are not common place nor greatly shared among the friendly people of Praia de Luz, as is always the way with Madeleine’s case, it attracts a great number crazy people and no doubt will continue to do so.

So what has Redwood’s Grange team come across that warrants the joint search of these areas? The majority of Madeleine forums, whether they be good or bad are wildly speculating that it’s her body. The actual truth is “a potential crime scene” we have been told. Now that could entail a great many things including remains. The teams are using ground radar and sniffer dogs so it’s not a great leap in concluding they suspect a body maybe interred.

“We aren’t specifically looking for any human remains”. The investigation team are remaining tight lipped over what exactly they are expecting to find. What is known however is the reasons why these areas are being searched primarily because of two witnesses coming forward describing what they believe was a person acting suspiciously prior to and following Madeleine’s disappearance. A certain tabloid in the UK went as far as to say that this suspicious person was carrying what looked like a sleeping child, was there any mention of this with the investigating teams on the ground?  Not a one. The person they identified was just acting suspiciously, there was no mention of a child being present at this time.

Reading between the lines as so many hacks do it’s not hard to see what has brought the police search teams back to Praia de Luz. Without doubt there is an air of building anticipation in the press pack that turns up each morning at the cordons trying to get some comment from the teams as they turn up to continue the search. Many internet sleuths and armchair detectives are already excitedly bouncing up and down shouting “Its Gerry” or “Its Kate”  do so without comprehension of what is taking place. Stands to reason though as they have never let the facts of this case get in the way of a really ignorant conspiracy theory. It gets to a point with these assorted people when reasoning becomes so futile it is far more entertaining to watch them run around accusing Madeleine’s parents purely based on the “timing of the searches fall in line with a Masonic celebration” or “the colour of the soil where they are digging is ‘exactly’ the same as the earth in the foot wells of the hired car…wasn’t it? Yes it was!”

The conspiracy merry-go-round continues to spin out of control with all sorts of apparent clandestine groups or individuals turning up to add deeper hues and shades to ridiculous theories. Whilst casually surfing the internet in the warmer part of the days I was actually astonished by a forum website that seriously entertained the unbelievable “fact” that Madeleine’s father was seen disguised as a Portuguese Police officer in a published photo and that he was there to guide the investigation away from the designated search areas. The fact of the matter is in both my experience and my colleagues, people who have invested seven years of baseless hatred at Madeleine’s parents really are unhinged and come up with these theories purely for their own macabre entertainment.

The initial searches are scheduled to conclude today. The search teams have explored every sink hole, drain and areas of designated interest. The sniffer dogs have been out this morning covering newly taped off areas yet no one returns to the shade of the tents or vans looking in anyway disappointed or frustrated. Many evidence bags have been carried back to the vans for forensic analysis and a tent that has been erected over a corrugated covered sink hole still remains. The search will continue for another week as other areas of interest all within five minutes walking distance of the holiday apartment Madeleine went missing from are scheduled to be investigated.

Grange lead Chief Inspector Redwood remains pensive when carefully assessing evidence bags as they are brought back to the vans. Evidence like clothing and what look like toys are sent for forensic DNA testing. So far the Chief Inspector has revealed very little and remains tight lipped when questions from the press pack are shouted across to him. Despite the lack of updates one thing is for sure, Redwood does not look like a detective who is ill at ease. Whatever it is that brought the teams to this place has clearly paid off. Quite possibly the old gentleman at the café was wrong, there was something there after all.

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