The Curious Case of Robert Murat’s Daily Express Interview

On the sixth ‘anniversary’ as the Express calls it of Madeleine McCann disappearing in the Algarve, Robert Murat has spoken to the paper and stated a rather curious opinion; ‘the Algarve-based businessman says a 48-hour timeline would help police conducting a £4.5 million review of the case.’ I fully understand the importance of a reconstruction and more than aware of how powerful they can be in revealing leads in a case that would otherwise go undetected. However in this particular case of Madeleine’s disappearance I have never really seen the value of reconstructing that night, let alone as Murat suggests, an entire 48 hour period prior to her disappearance.

Six years later I think it can be safely said that the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is one of the most publicized missing persons case in a long time. Images of her face and a detailed description of her circulated the globe and within six months it felt like the majority of people were looking for her. It is this point that really renders Murat’s 48 hour reconstruction somewhat of a curious puzzle because knowing why reconstructions are used it is hard to see how one would jog someone’s memory any further than it has been over the last six years. All the people who were witnessed close to or around the resort have been identified except the sudden appearance of the alleged abductor so a reconstruction would not help in identifying someone who was seen but has not come forward. I can only assume that Murat says 48 hours prior to Madeleine’s disappearance because he strongly suspects that in that time frame the abductor or abductors would have been watching the McCann family with close attention to their coming and goings and where Madeleine was must venerable to be abducted.

The truth of the matter is that despite the best will in the world; at the point of abduction no one saw anything to indicate that a crime was underway. Only Jane Tanner briefly caught a glimpse of something that she later considered important when she was told Madeleine was missing. It is likely given her statement that she was witness to the abductor escaping the crime scene with Madeleine. Later on the Smith family were returning from a meal in the town when Mr Smith saw someone walking past them holding what he believed was a sleeping child. The position that the child was being held was in stark contrast to the way Jane Tanner described the person she saw carrying a child. It is possible that neither of these sightings were in fact of Madeleine and her abductor. The mystery deepens because once the abductor was seen holding Madeleine, the pair simply just disappear off the face of the earth. Ironically, the man Tanner states she saw was the man the Portuguese Investigator Snr Amaral had Robert Murat in the frame for despite no evidence to justify the investigators suspicion.

At one point back in 2007 and 2008, Madeleine McCann was probably the most recognized face in the world as were the circumstances of her disappearance. It is this simple truth that prompts me to question the viability of a 48 hour reconstruction as Murat suggests. Also of interest is this comment that the Scotland Yard review team have as yet not had a breakthrough in the case.

I would suggest that no breakthrough is apparent because the review team are starting at the beginning. They are calling in experts from all areas in relation to child trafficking and tracing which gangs were operating on the European mainland and could have the reach as far as the Algarve in what was still the tourist off season. Also to check and then investigate the routes that would be used to move children along the ‘supply chains’. These are necessary investigations that have to be explored or eliminated. These trafficking gangs are being assessed as to whether they are not only capable of moving a much publicized child around the European mainland but also  whether they have the reach to make such a child like Madeleine disappear completely. The review team are following up on everything that could give them a lead to identify at least which particular known gang could have taken Madeleine. French, Italian and German experts are being consulted I am led to believe with the focus very much on several international syndicates that appear to defy country borders which insinuates well established trafficking networks that could quite easily conceal Madeleine from the public eye while she was moved away from the Algarve.

Probably at this point the Madeleine McCann conspiracist is likely given up reading with a firm belief that the review team and international experts are barking up the wrong tree; that they should be looking closer to home to identify the criminal. Thankfully the review team are in collection of all the facts relating to the Madeleine case many of which have deliberately not been made public as is a matter of course now for any police force investigating a crime. This information despite the protestations is not secret, it has been with held to strengthen any prosecution that should take place in the future. I don’t think I will have the review team descending on me if I happen to mention one of these details initially not included in the public access; that of an investigation based on several eye witness accounts to a secluded area close to the apartment that contained evidence of a child and an adult spending some time there, enough time to open clothing packets and also plastic bags from a major children’s toy store chain in France.

Like many of the other conspiracies regarding Madeleine’s disappearance, none of them have any basis in reality and physical evidence related to the case actually exonerates Madeleine’s parents from any involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance which is the most popular conspiracy among the theorists.

In concluding this post it is worth mentioning that Murat in his interview with the Express subtly hints to a potential libel case against Snr Amaral. It is hard to say with any certainty whether this is under consideration by Murat although given his involvement and wrongful implication in the case it is certainly an option.

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