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Bonkers Gonc In Foil Hatting MI5 Intelligence Conspiracy Tirade

Snr Gonçalo Amaral is a man teetering on the precipice of reason and sanity. It would only take a slight draught of common sense and logic to knock him off; to fall into the abyss frequented by the nefarious bunch … Continue reading

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Madeleine Detectives Confirm Interviewing Further ‘persons of interest’

Scotland Yard detectives have completed interviewing further witnesses and potential suspects in the United Kingdom and have confirmed other Police agencies in several other countries have conducted interviews at their request. As well as witnesses that have been reinterviewed, a … Continue reading

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Kate McCann to run London Marathon despite fears for her safety

Yesterday Kate McCann appeared on television to address the vile internet cowards and trolls who have threatened her life and the twins Sean and Amelie. Appearing to be stronger and more resolute than ever, Kate intends to run the London … Continue reading

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