2013 A Year In Review and Opinion

Since I last wrote back in August little has changed in actual fact on the internet regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. If anything the various nasty characters wasting their infinitely empty lives on beating Madeleine and her parents have just got uglier. However this year has seen some significant progress both in the investigation and also the approach in how these “trolls” for want of a better word are being routinely dismissed and ostracised for the vile characters they really are.

Yet they still prevail. As time passes they just become increasingly venomous and further detached from reality. One highlight from 2013 has seen the end of the Anthony Bennett and ‘Madeleine Foundation’. Earlier in the year Bennett finally faced up to his legacy of stultifying ignorance on the case and was given a suspended prison sentence. Almost six years of bullying and intimidation of Madeleine’s family brought to an end. A significant move in blowing apart the rumours and conspiracies that surround the case and Bennett’s “research” into it. Research that came from very questionable sources. And when I say “sources” I am using that word in the broadest sense. With Bennett now effectively silenced and unable to write under his own name you would have thought that a vast amount of the conspiracies would have been finally laid to rest. Sadly this is not the case.

As with every year that passes, the McCann family attackers and trolls have had a disastrous year. Many of them being hauled into local police stations and officially warned for their online behaviour. As mentioned their opening batsman  Bennett was out for a duck at the Royal Courts of Justice. If that wasn’t bad enough their mid order batsman and purveyor of worthless, shiny ‘tat’ Antony Sharples continues to stand at a battered crease and swing his bat of grotesque self-importance and lunacy around like a man devoid of attention. The side have completely collapsed under the unforgiving torrent of fact to counter their collective conspiratorial hive mind.

The fact that the official Metropolitan Police investigation have quickly ruled out any involvement of Madeleine’s disappearance with her parents and friends has done little to kerb the internet folklore and myth. These days it seems to be big business and the more outrageous the theory the more is it likely to be accepted by the nodding donkeys on various forums and social media sites. So, business as usual then.

Death threats levelled against Madeleine’s family have gone up again this year sadly. I don’t really want to dredge up the many examples of online idiocy from these people, suffice to say that anyone planning to shoot or stab Kate McCann while she waited to run the London Marathon seriously needs to be studied. Medically. What I think is worth pointing out is that Kate and Gerry, and now more so the twins have been on the end of this sustained abuse for over seven years. Seven years of having their eldest child missing from the family and on top of that they are routinely criticised, attacked and threatened. Their attackers so bold as to hide behind the anonymity the internet affords them. The word I think you are looking for here is cowardice.

Laughably I happen to venture on an idea for a protest march against Madeleine’s parents to take place in their home town of Rothley. And so the abuse comes full circle as I am sure anyone who has followed the case for some time will know, ask anyone from the Madeleine Foundation how effective direct action is in Rothley. “Sixty Made up things I got off the internet and presented as fact” leaflet anyone?

It’s very easy for me to sit here and poke fun at these lunatics but there is a very serious side to all of this. A missing child called Madeleine McCann. Cruelly taken from her loving family and let down catastrophically by a botched Portuguese investigation led by Gonçalo Amaral. At the centre of the endless fighting that has spanned over seven years it’s almost an alien concept to remind people that it isn’t about their egos or fulfilling their empty lives with abusing the Madeleine’s family; it is about Madeleine. The focus of now two investigations yet those who willingly attack her parents do so with a glee and rabid ferocity that casually dismisses Madeleine’s welfare in favour of  indulging their own cruel and twisted fantasies on the very people that we, as a civilised society should have nothing but empathy for.

There will always be those who will criticise and curse Madeleine’s parents. There are also those evidently who wish them great harm and despite the dwindling numbers of these people, the new year is likely to hold more of the same. This raises a greater concern for Sean and Amelie, Madeleine’s siblings will now be old enough to venture onto the internet to see what has been written about their beloved, missing sister. There can be no preparing these fragile and perceptive young minds from the deluge of hateful, nasty and downright criminal behaviour they are likely to stumble across.

Anthony Bennett, former whatever he was of the Madeleine Foundation once made a big issue over his right to free speech and that his sentencing was in fact contrary to his right. Try explaining that to Madeleine’s siblings Mr Bennett! False accusation based on lunatics rumour and hearsay is not free speech. It’s libellous rambling from a man who has taken great personal satisfaction and self-promotion in intruding into the misery of others. He’s not the only one by any means but the same central issue applies to all. Do any of these macabre anti Madeleine trolls ever pause and think for a minute as to the impact their incessant attacks will have on the twins?

No of course they don’t because these people gave up even thinking of Madeleine many, many years ago.

Happy New Year to the readers of this blog. May it be peaceful and prosperous.

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2 Responses to 2013 A Year In Review and Opinion

  1. Graham Perry says:

    Very well balanced review concerning Madeleine McCann. However concerning Madeleine. I have made a complaint about this article published on the 6/10/2013, by the Sunday Mirror:- http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/madeleine-mccann-alive-witness-tells-2343495#ixzz2gtiKEGHk – my point being – this is so sad that this was just another false lead. After reading this, this gave great hope in bringing Madeleine home safe and well, but as with all these leads it leads know where. However I am a firm believer that Madeleine is alive and hopefully in good health and she is find-able. (As for this stupid story I have emailed my concerns to the press complaints commission.

  2. David says:

    The final post of the year is it? Idling on this new years eve I thought I would have a look at this webpage and to my great surprise there is a new entry discussing something contradictory. and I quote.

    “Their attackers so bold as to hide behind the anonymity the internet affords them.”

    Just like you do in fact! The author or authors of this site make no attempt to reveal who they actually are or their agenda yet quote on the About page Old Holborn a well known internet troll.

    Maybe readers of this blog would like to know why Old Holborn has been named and shamed as a TRUE internet troll.



    Happy new year to you whoever you are as is customary but I think your days of calling out internet trolls are well and truly over. FACT

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