Internet Troll Apologizes to McCann Family

An internet troll branded by the UK national press as “vile” has offered Madeleine’s family an apology after six years of abuse and libelous accusations. Sean Hyland last year told Kate and Gerry McCann that to ‘shut him up’ he would have to go to prison or be killed is now offering the family a full and unreserved apology for his behavior since Madeleine went missing in May 2007 from the Portuguese Algarve.

Sean 'Mad-dog' Hyland

Sean ‘Mad-Dog’ Hyland as pictured in UK press

As well as threatening the McCann family and their children, Sean ‘Mad-dog’ Hyland has also gone after the McCann’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell’s family including his eldest daughter. Since 2007 Hyland, 52, a steel worker now living in Scunthorpe, has orchestrated a torrent of abuse at Madeleine’s family which has incited violence and predatation of Kate, Gerry and their children, Sean and Amelie.

Hyland’s apology to the McCann family comes ahead of regional police forces in the United Kingdom questioning internet trolls in connection with threats made at Madeleine’s family and friends. Hyland expressed a desire to apologize to Madeleine’s family after admitting he probably didn’t know all the facts of her disappearance and accepted the threats and abuse he had published on-line about them has needlessly distressed them. In a condition with local police Hyland has stated he will no longer incite hatred towards Madeleine’s family.

Last week Merseyside police confirmed they had questioned two individuals in relation to threats directed at Kate McCann and public disclosure of Kate’s movements with Sean and Amelie on a Facebook page where members have openly discussed murdering Madeleine’s mother. The two were later released on police bail.

Humberside police would only confirm that a 52 year old man had been questioned in connection as part of ongoing investigation related to internet threats towards Kate McCann and additionally, threats made against Clarence Mitchell’s daughter and wife.

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36 Responses to Internet Troll Apologizes to McCann Family

  1. Emma Jones says:

    What a bitter old man.

  2. David says:

    I don’t see how publishing this helps anyone. We have always had sick people in society and the internet has given them a platform. This geriatric is just another one of the generation of poison pen letter writers that have abused the internet to insult someone else. Yes its sad and he is most likely mentally disturbed but its not exactly a surprise.

    We do have massive problems with internet trolls as anyone can see from the girl who killed herself after being bullied and the journalists who were threatened with rape on twitter. This is a fact of reality. Depraved and sick people left unchecked will always find easy victims.

    If anything this sick troll has only apologised to the McCanns because he’s looking at a prison sentence and doesn’t want to go to prison. My point is these internet abusers are best ignored and I’m sure anyone in the McCann family couldn’t give two shakes of a lambs tail whether this “mad dog” has apologised to them or not.

    • latour says:

      David I think we have spoken on a forum 🙂
      I don’t think you are right at all. Internet trolls can only be trolls if they are anonymous yes?
      How many of these people would really say half the stuff they do if they had their real name attached to it?
      Way forward is to name and shame them for the people they are, no?

    • Logica says:

      To David. I don’t think you understand how much torment these Internet trolls can be. One father has lost his daughter because of faceless bullies. It’s insulting to say that we shouldn’t be told about what is going on. How would you feel if it was your daughter or son who had been bullied so much they had killed the self? Your cooment is frankly disgraceful and ignorant.

  3. Dante says:

    As its been reported already in the Express and on daytime TV Kate and Gerry ignore these trolls. Engaging with these low lifes is a waste of time and isn’t that what they want at the end of the day? It’s attention seeking from dead beats who live their lives through the web and wanting to get a name check in the papers. Like bad children wanting to get a badge of honour of an ASBO. Kate and Gerry have already said they forgive the people who took Maddie and it stands to reason they will accept the apology from this troll. Doesn’t bring Madeliene back but they will still forgive because they stand tall above the pathetic trolls. Should lock him up for a year or so and forget about him.

  4. Delores says:

    The justice system in this country hasn’t caught up with the cyberspace or the crimes that can be done using it. If he gets sentenced he will do no more than three actual months in prison but most likely get a suspended sentence. The law really is a joke and dismiss crimes like this as irrelevant. What happened to taking into account how the victims of crime have been devastated by threats?

    Shameful. This country is a joke.

  5. Siobhan Mellor says:

    Disgusting little man I hope he goes to prison. He shouldn’t be forgiven for threatening Madeline’s family. Lock him up and forget him

  6. David says:

    Latour I think you confusing me with someone else. I also believe that you have been swept up in media hysteria over internet trolls. Of what value is it to society to imprison Hyland for a few months?
    None at all! Will he reform? Unlikely. Is it a genuine heartfelt apology? Very unlikely. Police have questioned him about his troll behaviour and all of a sudden he wants to apologise? His solicitor has obviously told him to apologise so it makes any sentencing more favourable. It’s a plea bargain without putting to finer a point on it. If he wasn’t being investigated do you think this apology would even exist?
    And where is there any evidence to suggest that internet trolls can be reformed through prison sentences? Its media hype. This prat decides to have a go at a missing girl’s family and all of a sudden its worthy of the press taking an interest. As a matter of fact at time Maddeline went missing we hadn’t even heard the words internet troll. This is crazy and where do you think it will stop. Internet usage in relation to abuse is under close scrutiny by both the media and the government. Highlighting a worthless trolls like this one or the one who has been questioned also by police over comments made about April Jones are not worth the attention BECAUSE IT’S ATTENTION THEY WANT!
    Denise Fergus. Easy target for trolls as are the McCanns. A child is involved so anyone who makes crass or obscene comments is immediately going to get media attention and as a result the police
    Read right here
    Prison sentences for trolls WILL NOT work. Ignoring them and letting the courts sentence community orders is my suggestion and the press report on more valuable and newsworthy issues other than some sad people like this man. No point in naming and shaming trolls which is what this is doing. This troll probably loves every minute of his fame and planning who next to offend and abuse. They are worthless people and should be treated as such in the media.
    Consider this from the same press but a perspective I share
    Since when is obscene stupidity an offence worth a prison sentence? The other strong possibility is that trolls as mentioned in the Mirror above generally have mental issues. Isn’t it better that Hyland be assessed by a medical examiner for possible undiagnosed mental health issues before EVEN considering prison or are you saying Latour that despite the circumstances of why trolls abuse they should be locked up ANYWAY? Matthew Woods gets 12 weeks in prison for his troll behaviour and its tokenism from a baying media and a judge probably under pressure to sentence him. It’s not a proportional response and it’s certainly NOT a way to treat mentally ill people.
    This is what happens when law is enforced from knee jerk reactions to sick people in society who use the internet to get attention. What I believe and recommend we should do is asses what in their mental capacity justifies their behaviour to themselves and what other self-serving goals motivate them. Isn’t easier to understand a problem like internet trolls rather than just locking them up and ignoring them? It wasn’t so long ago that we did exactly the same thing with the mentally ill. Just threw them in asylums. In my opinion putting Hyland and Woods in prison is just using the prison system as an asylum.

    • latour says:

      Swept along in a media hysteria. Are you for real? What a ridiculous thing to say. David are you familiar with the Communications Act 2003 section 128? If this is all a media frenzy on internet trolls how come the Communications Act was passed in 2003 to deal with persistent and gross acts of abuse or threats using any form of communication ??? And haven’t trolls been charged under offences relating to section 128 of the Act ??

      The law is there to deal with these people not hug them which is what you seem to want to do. You say its better we understand them and why they survive on abusing other people mostly grieving families. How about they are just sick people. Has that actually crossed your mind and the fact they get off on it is an indication of just how soulless they are as a person ? Naming and shaming trolls like Hyland is essential to dealing with them. I told you that a troll has their anonymity removed is just another person on the internet. The fact that they like the attention is your straw man argument because the attention is to their internet identity not their real life identity. As soon as their abuse is given a face and a name then it’s completely different. And how much do you know about Hyland seems to me very little because ok he’s not posted disgusting jokes about paedophiles but he has threatened the McCann family numerous times not to mention all the other people. Section 128 covers persistent offenders of the act and Hyland and others have been threatening the McCanns for over six years. That is persistent. That is abuse. And that im sure is not welcome by the family.

      My opinion from reading your comments is not so much starving them of the oxygen they need but in fact completely ignoring there is a problem at all. Putting our heads in the sand or even excusing their behaviour by linking it to mental illness is a massive cop out. Hyland is in his 50’s don’t you think if he was a retard in anyway it would have already been flagged and mentioned in the papers. They have done with other internet trolls linking their behaviour to Asperger’s and others.

      Also prison is not just a place for reform it’s a place of punishment. For criminals. Who disobey the laws. Laws like the Communications Act. My opinion is you need to try and think beyond hugging the trolls and concentrate more on the victims and families of their attacks.

      And stop using the caps lock. Makes you look like a child David.

  7. David says:

    To Logica see my response to latour. I STRONGLY DISAGREE that my opinion is ignorant and it is you that is ignorant to being manipulated by a media that have decided that internet trolls will probably shift a few more copies of their rags and therefore worth writing completely useless press stories. ALSO I AM NOT in any way suggesting or dismissing the hurt or offence that victims of trolls suffer. That is IGNORANT to suggest that I did!
    If you READ what I typed then you will see that my point was putting trolls like Hyland in prison is not dealing with the problem. And it doesn’t serve any useful purpose to highlight in the media cases such as these because trolls THRIVE ON THE ATTENTION they create with their abuse. Giving them space in newspapers is just giving them the ultimate attention. Of course it’s a sorry situation when someone kills themselves as a result of trolls but isn’t equally as likely that had they been school playground bullies they would have killed themselves just as readily? It’s a straw man argument that you have to justify the hysterical reaction we have in this country to a MINORITY of likely mentally ill people who have access to the internet. It’s not an epidemic and a sense of proportion is needed. NOT knee jerk pointless sentencing by judges under pressure to do so

  8. Mick says:

    Is he Chelsea Hoffmans grandad?

  9. Teri says:

    Hi David and Latour

    I think you both make some really valid points. David is right about there being a media frenzy in a way for internet trolls and if you twin that with Madeleine McCann then it has to be a combination that people will take an interest in. Newspaper editors will know this after the sales rocketed during the investigation into Maddie and April. If the public didn’t want to know about investigations like these then rolling news TV stations wouldn’t feature them.

    Latour is right I think about naming and shaming trolls like Hyland. Personally I don’t think websites like the Express, the Star or this one even waste time recording these incidents and outcomes because the interested public have a right to know if they want to read about the criminal activities of others on the internet. Isn’t it in the public interest to do it? :/

    I do also think that the question of mental health with trolls is quite important even if it’s just to rule that out as a common factor in their behaviour. David it might be worth you using a search engine and looking up Sean Hyland and Laffin Assassin. This will give you a better understanding of Hyland’s unbelievable and at times frightening threats he has made. It is my opinion based on some experience that Hyland and definitely Woods are likely psychotic. I find this to be far more likely than perhaps Aspergers. Woods took immense pleasure in exploring sexually and ridiculing a child’s pain and eventual death. I see very similar character personalities in those who have said very nasty things about Jamie Bulger. That’s not a normal human behaviour and despite arguments about nurture and environment which are relevant to an extent it does not explain away medically how internet trolls who take it to the extreme like Woods and Hyland can function acceptably when they are predisposed to say things about children like that on the internet. My very and I mean very casual diagnosis would be that Hyland and Woods are sociopathic, a mental disorder that would certainly explain their combined extreme hatred and violent fantasies and also their ability to detach from empathy any normal and rational human being would have for a child.

    I’m just really putting it out there and its up for argument if you think I’m wrong. Also Latour I’m not wanting to excuse what trolls do only that observing them may be of great benefit for medical progress. My very rough theory is that internet troll behaviour to the extent of Woods and Hyland could be an indicator for possible violent behaviour where the fantasies have to be acted out. The fact that Hyland also has a job adds weight to my belief that he does have a sociopathic disorder as he is able to maintain employment and definitely does not outwardly display the violent tendencies he could likely fantasise about. An extreme example would be Dennis Radar the BTK serial killer. Radar was able to hold down a job, be regarded as a respected member of the community and went to church with his family. Now Hyland and Woods have not killed anyone but parallels can be drawn in the way Radar and these two trolls were able to appear quite normal yet lead lives based around abuse and violent fantasies undetected. Welcome any thoughts as I’m just adding my thoughts into the mix


  10. David says:

    T. What an unbelievably irrelevant comparison. We are talking about internet trolls not serial killers. What you have said contributes nothing to any of this and in NO WAY can the two be linked. It’s preposterous. They are called trolls and treated as such by the police should suggest to you that they are just really desperately sad and likely mentally ill social misfits rather than cunning psychotic would be serial killers. It’s comments like that I think FEED the HYSTERIA and are baseless.
    I can’t even dignify what you have said beyond this.
    Latour I think you are deliberately choosing to twist or misunderstand what I have said. At no point did I say that hugging a troll is a consideration. What I DID SAY is that putting them in prison is a waste of time. Understanding them is an option IF it is apparent they have mental issues but that IS NOT EXCUSING THEM. I believe it is better to provide help to the mentally ill rather than locking them up in prison and denying them the help they need IF there is a chance for them to be reformed. BUT if they are locked up in prison they don’t EVEN get the chance to reform. The solution to ALL our problems is NOT prison, it’s only a solution to some of them. The prison population in this country is already bursting and do you really think in the context of serial rapists and killers, locking up an internet troll is the best use of already limited prison space? The crux of this issue is that are far more dangerous people to the public roaming around than abusive trolls on the internet. I don’t have any interest in looking any closer into this example of a troll or any other because they differ little in what they do. Matthew Woods is one troll that the media decided was offensive enough to publicise and its more than likely Hyland will be the same. All blown completely out of proportion because it fuels an irrational fear in the public mind that no one is very far away on the internet from a troll who has got nothing better to do than abuse you. Locking up Woods is just ridiculous and sets a dangerous precedent. Hyland is no different if he gets sent to prison. Neither in my opinion will reform their use of the internet and I would go as far as to say it will most likely ensure that they cover their tracks and identity far deeper than strictly necessary.
    And it’s back to square one when they get released. What’s the next option at sentencing if they are caught abusing and threatening again? Another more lengthily sentence which will achieve absolutely nothing again. If you are unable to see the vicious circle developing then it is my opinion you are either unwilling or unable to grasp a simple concept. Your argument for strict punishment of trolls is without any foundation in logic or common sense.

  11. anon says:

    So unless someone may reform they should not be punished for threatening violence against a woman? Why, shoving the word troll in does not make it any less of a threat. The group this man belongs to has actively discussed ways to harm Kate including dragging her into an alley to be “dealt” with.
    The idea that it is wrong to send men who threaten women to prison simply because the men have no intention of changing is beyond the pale. If someone was constantly threatening violence against you, I bet you would want them punished. The threat of prison might just be enough to scare this coward into stopping his campaign of violence against a vunerable woman.

    • latour says:

      Well said Anon. This is what I have been trying to say to David but he doesn’t seem to see the victims beyond the trolls

  12. Boo says:

    Since its been mentioned on here the person who shamelessly gave Denise Fergus abuse is a McCann hater.

    I would like to see how David defends this troll and deny that trolls like Hyland are out of control and arbitrarily threaten and abuse whenever they feel like. It’s really quite foul that someone even thinks let alone openly suggests we should try and help them.

    They should be locked up. End of.

  13. Clare says:

    Hyland is a vicious thug and not a troll. He should go to prison and leave him there. We are not losing a brain surgeon.

    If David wants to hug him then word of advice. Make sure he doesn’t have a knife in his hand as he likes to talk about stabbing people.

    I agree with Teri as well. From having to endure him on forums Hyland is a maniac and wouldn’t surprise me if he was a sociopath. David you need to know your facts before telling others how ignorant they are

  14. Tric says:

    David all the best will in the world you have no idea what you are talking about and you are embarrassing yourself to defend the likes of Hyland and other trolls.

  15. Not.a.lefty.apologist says:

    David your opinion is ignorant and long winded. Are you Tony Bennett by any chance?

  16. Katie says:

    I don’t like how you latour use the word retard when talking about mental disorders. I find the word and your use offensive.

  17. Last Echo says:

    Just an FYI for the troll hugger David. Hyland has been banned across most sites on the Internet for threatening and abusive behaviour. He’s barely kept his twitter account for the same reasons. Hyland ceased to be a troll years ago. Now he’s an ugly manifestation of what years of resentment and bitterness does to a maladjusted drunk. To call Hyland a troll is to call Louis Farrakhan tolerant.

  18. Neeley says:

    David’s long winded reply reminds me of someone…….

  19. anon says:

    The anti mccann trolls target others too, on one forum they posted vile material about sarah paynes relatives and posted a skit making fun of april jones, and laughed at lee rigby and claimed the circumstances around his death were faked. Thats just the tip of the iceberg.

  20. David says:

    Anon. We are at cross purposes it seems because you describe far more serious behaviour from this troll than simply internet troll characteristics. If Hyland is part of an organised group as you say and make real threats towards vulnerable women then he has escalated his behaviour from being a mere abusive internet troll. It is my opinion that you are talking about stalking and threats to a person’s safety which are FAR MORE serious crimes than being an internet troll.
    A demarcation has to be drawn somewhere so confusion about what a troll is and isn’t can be understood by all. Matthew Woods is now languishing in some holiday Inn of prison at tax payer expense because he deliberately wrote comments on the internet designed to cause an immediate emotional response and offence. This I would define is an internet troll. As far as I am aware Woods was not part of a greater conspiracy or group to take further action against April’s family and friends which you are suggesting Hyland is. As a matter of fact quite a few other people have said I am ignorant of what this troll has done. If this is the case and he has gone beyond trading abuse and insults on the internet then this blog should change the title because HE IS NOT A TROLL IS HE!
    This is now misleading people and I include myself amongst those that have been misled. Whether or not Hyland has surpassed typical internet troll now lies in what he is charged and convicted with.

  21. latour says:

    David that last comment is laughable. Having had to confront your own ignorance over Hyland you are now once again in my opinion sticking your head in the sand. Quite happy to defend them when it comes to prison sentences but when it comes to researching more than what you read on this website then you aren’t interested. No one has misled anyone intentionally because if you read the link from the Star website you will see they described Hyland as an ‘evil troll’. The details are in that webpage. Also trolls by your own description operate within the confines of the internet but if you read that webpage you will see Hyland’s campaign of abuse and threats crossed over into reality when he started making threatening phone calls. The information was but just a click away had you actually read the site instead of jumping to conclusions and defending someone who in all likelihood would threaten you and your family. Since reform is such a big issue with you what about career criminals or inmates who cannot reform. Where do they fit in to your scenario?
    If we are to believe Hyland means jail me or kill me then doesn’t that sort of give you the feeling that he has no motivation to reform when it comes to threatening children and women? Even if he is mentally ill (note I didn’t say retarded as that causes offence) he still is likely not to make any change to his internet abuse. You can’t argue that this isn’t a realistic situation so the only other option is to jail him for however long the judge sees fit. Yes?

  22. Justice for Maddie says:

    Laffin has done nothing that the pros havent done themselves. Pros are worse to deny justice for Maddie by attacking truthseekers

  23. David says:


    You have completely disregarded what I have said twice and insist that I am soft on internet trolls when the truth is far from it. To say again My opinion is that trolls are not worth the expense of sending to prison. Where applicable IT IS BETTER TO HELP THEM if they have mental issues then deny them HELP by just locking them away MAYBE it’s of more value to understand why Hyland and Woods have acted in this way so they can be treated or given some support in whatever it is they have missing in their lives that makes them do what they do. THIS IS NOT being SOFT this is being pragmatic and sensible. This is tackling a problem rather than ignoring it and hoping it will go away. If Hyland has been doing other things then how can they be attributed to being a troll? I am only referring to trolls like Woods who have used the internet to abuse and degrade his victims. If Hyland has gone beyond that which given the amount of protest on here I would say is without doubt then it should be treated separately to his abuse and threats on the internet. This is not hard to grasp if a well known troll commits a murder or a rape, you are not going to say that is troll like behavior are you. You are going to say they are a rapist or a murderer. NOT A TROLL.
    Talking of this if Hyland has acted in this way why is it that he hasn’t been arrested or convicted. There is NO MENTION ANYWHERE of him being convicted AFTER SIX YEARS. This to me is very suspicious and casts doubt on just how bad this one troll has REALLY been.

    • latour says:

      David you are winding me up. Not only are you defending trolls but due to your own ignorance about this troll you are now doubting he is a troll even though the evidence is all around. It’s ridiculous for you to say in all seriousness that he can’t be a troll because he hasn’t been arrested and convicted yet. The fact he has been questioned already you appear to be oblivious of. Can we leave Matthew Woods to a side now and perhaps talk about this troll. Woods has been convicted and sentenced and as such is an example case of a troll being prosecuted under the Communications Act. In how this differs is that Hyland has not been taken to court so beyond the comparison of them both being trolls there is little the two have in common going forward. Yes?
      In this case to avoid any further confusion if we just stick to the facts as we know it and then David you can make up your mind whether given that Hyland is prosecuted and regardless of any mental assessments a prison sentence is deserved. If we can both agree that this apology is just a stunt probably on the advice of his lawyer and is not genuine and he doesn’t want to stop his internet attacks on families then we can probably come to the same conclusion that his online behavior demands a prison sentence. For him to avoid a prison sentence would set a very dangerous precedent in the justice system that extreme trolls that subject their victims to lengthy and sadistic attacks can get away with it.
      It comes down to a question of justice over apathy. Hyland is unlikely to reform based on his own words quoted in the press and therefore it is accurate to say that he will not stop his attacks until he is jailed. Presumably he will stop only because he is unlikely to have access to the internet in a jail cell. With Hyland there is also a very real threat of him reoffending almost immediately on release. That’s my opinion on this so far which leaves some important areas open for discussion.

  24. David says:

    I think you have highlighted my point there that I have been saying all long. A prison sentence in this case is not the answer because as YOU SAY Hyland is likely to reoffend on release. Unless you are suggesting a longer sentence which would be stupid. A judge has sentencing guidelines and being found guilty of being an internet troll from the Woods case amounts to a matter of weeks which I still maintain was a knee jerk reaction to a high profile media campaign. Even taking into consideration victim impact statements as hinted by someone else the judge is unlikely to consider anything longer than 12 weeks in prison.
    You have conveniently in my opinion not answered my question Latour as to why the McCanns have not aggressively pursued Hyland through the courts if his behavior is as bad as you and others claim. What it also very suspicious is that it is claimed that it has been going on for over six years and he has only being questioned now NOT AS YOU TWISTED and claimed I had questioned whether he was innocent of being a troll. It could well be the case that he has been questioned before and nothing has been done because trolls are not a high priority AT ALL to police who have far more important criminals to catch. Doesn’t it suggest to YOU Latour that this is evidence of my claim that trolls should not be given a prison sentence but either community orders or in the case of the mentally ill, a support network with treatment. It is also necessary to take into consideration mental illness because EVIDENCE suggests that the majority of internet trolls do have mental health issues. In any court hearing mental health reports are fundamentally critical to a judge before sentencing someone found OR pleading guilty. How do we know that Hyland has been released to a mental support scheme. I find it ignorant of YOU to dismiss outright that Hyland could be mentally ill and as a result should be denied any access to help or support. All possibilities must be considered but the evidence as we have it NOW reinforces my opinions as FACT and not YOURS.

  25. latour says:

    Off on one again about mental health issues without you having any evidence to support your claims that Hyland has mental health issues. You are basing this entirely on statistics you have read somewhere. What concerns me is that once again you sound like an apologist for Hyland and dismissing his behaviour by any means including the possibility that he might be medically categorised as a retard (that’s a medical term not used as abuse) without a shred of evidence to support this claim. As soon as you go down the route of mental health then we quickly arrive at the conclusion that Hyland is innocent because of diminished responsibility. That is complete and utter tosh. You still seem unaware of the press article so I will quote

    A Met spokesman said: “The matter was dealt with by way of a first instance harassment warning being served on the suspect a month later.

    “As yet, no further action has been taken.”

    A Humberside Police source said: “There has been a formal complaint and he has now been warned.”

    But in the week Scotland Yard detectives reviewing the case claimed Madeleine might still be alive, Hyland continued his rantings.

    Fact Hyland has been in custody, questioned and cautioned before. Fact Hyland has ignored official police warnings. Fact Hyland has maintained such a high profile sadistic attack on the McCanns it has made the newspapers. Nowhere does it mention that he is mentally ill. Face it David you are a troll apologist and you have been confronted with hard evidence.

  26. Last Echo says:

    Hyland is not mentally retarded in anyway it’s a joke to talk about that. He’s a depraved thug

  27. anon says:

    Just to clarify, not one “pro” as it were has threatened violence against anyone. The antis, who lets face it are a tiny minority scorned by society for their diatribe, regulary threaten violence and harrass anyone who asks them to prove their accusations. For example, a woman who puts prayers up for madeleine on facebook is harrassed to the point where one man put up a photoshopped image of her being raped. The antis call themselves truth seekers, but yet attack anyone who points to the truth and any any group bans people who ask for proof or point to the truth.

  28. isar says:

    Hyland is

  29. isar says:

    Hyland is a thug – we all know this – but an oaf- so easy to deal with
    on a similar page however is the admin of the ‘UK Justice forum’ – a tad more elegant
    the latest outlet for the bile merchants – administered by ‘John’

    John Lamberton


    A FORMER cop who stole more than £400,000 from his elderly aunt and cheated his own brother has been ordered to pay back £200,000.

    John Lamberton, 57, persuaded 75-year-old widow Annie Paul to hand over her portfolio of stocks and shares to him.

    His actions left Annie, who treated him like a son, short of cash in her last years – and meant his brother never got his rightful inheritance from her estate when she died in 1998.


    No wonder ‘John’ supports the other corrupt cop ‘Goncalo’

    and lets constantly ‘tired and emotional’ redblossom/emu/c.edwards/and I am not carbonara as well as that tiresome bore Stephen – rule the roost on that forum.

    It gives me great delight to chronicle the goings on – on the ‘Justice’ forum – all screen capped –
    Shona – remember your disgusting abuse of Neleey last night? – Contents of her handbag?

    Well if you don’t – I have it on my hard drive – sucker

  30. isar says:

    Always keeping watch

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