The official blog of an old order who were established the day others decided to use Madeleine McCann as weapon with which to attack her family with.

We conceal our identities because it makes it easier to access places on the internet which would otherwise be off limits to someone who cares about Madeleine’s safety and her return to her family.

Old Holborn on anonymity:

– Why do you blog under a pseudonym?

Attack the message, not the man. The minute your opponents discover your identity, they attack it instead of your message. Rational debate goes out the window whilst they rummage through your dustbin in the hope of undermining your argument. How many voices are silenced for fear of exposure? Whistle-blowers are hounded, ridiculed, persecuted and despised: so the truth is suppressed. There’s a reason that governments hate the “Anonymous” movement – they cannot control it. Anyone can be Old Holborn.

The Backbencher

“It is no longer possible for the media to decide what the public sees” – Frazer Nelson

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