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Aces High: Amaral vs McCanns Libel Case

The secret is out, Snr Gonçalo Amaral has sleeves stuffed full of Aces that he will produce at the libel trial with the McCanns. Could these Aces be linked to the finely crafted darkest, blackest leather wallet with hand stitched trim … Continue reading

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The Madeleine Foundation and the inextricable link to violence

Its all too easy these days to forgot about the legacy that the sinister Madeleine Foundation has left upon the internet and the Madeleine McCann investigation. It has never been a stranger to controversial activity but what has been somewhat glossed … Continue reading

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Puppeteering Antony Sharples and the Blacksmiths

As you peer into the murky water of the Madeleine McCann dissenters there are few prolific self appointed pundits that can match Antony Sharples and the Blacksmiths who have cornered the market in hysterical knee jerk sound bites and catastrophically wrong … Continue reading

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