Canadian National has influence over MET Police McCann Gun probe

The Facebook administrator at the center of the much publicized gun threat to Kate McCann has spoken to an Operation Grange investigator regarding the police inquiry into Sheila Basher who made the threat.

The blogger who calls herself HiDeHo revealed that she had spoken to the Metropolitan Police yesterday on a website:

HiDeHo Today
I spoke to my contact Detective at Operation Grange and it was arranged to speak with Sheila…Everythings OK ..He got back to me to confirm.

She is relieved and if you hear anything on Twitter suggesting anything nasty or she has been is FALSE I can ASSURE YOU!

What is of immediate concern is that an Operation Grange investigator would speak to a foreign national regarding an incident that has no connection with the review squads mandate. What is of equal concern is that HiDeHo has spent years obsessively creating videos which she posts to You Tube accusing Kate and Gerry McCann of having involvement with Madeleine’s disappearance. I also understand that HiDeHo sends links for these videos to the Operation Grange review team claiming they are evidence.

The law is very clear about such threats and they have to be fully investigated. I find it most alarming that someone can ring up the police force in another country and speak to their “contact” in another department and request they exert some operational influence over standard police procedure. Operation Grange is a review team, and therefore primarily concerned with reviewing all the evidence collected for the Madeleine McCann case as well as receive and investigate any new information passed to them from the public or other police departments.

What they aren’t able to do as far as I am aware is to intervene in another police investigation being carried out by another area constabulary at the request of a foreign national, especially one who for all intents and purposes is openly hostile towards the McCann family.

I spoke to a serving Metropolitan Police officer last night and asked them whether this was all above board, their reply is somewhat revealing. That particular operational team would have advised anyone regarding information about Sheila Basher to the police force who is responsible for investigating the complaint. No serving officer would conduct a telephone conversation in the form that HiDeHo claims took place.

Simply put, she would have been told to contact the Police HQ in Exeter. Operation Grange is not a messaging service. They went onto add that they believed this story to be wholly untrue. It is more than possible that she could have spoken to someone in Exeter and given a personal character statement over the phone to the officer investigating the complaint if they believed it was worth taking. However, the fact HiDeHo states clearly that it is an Operation Grange investigator dismisses any credibility to the account of events laid out in her update.

As to Sheila Basher, at least one aspect of HiDeHo’s account is true. She has been given a caution by Devon and Cornwall police following the complaint made by a Sun journalist. Ms Basher has apologized profusely to both the police and the McCann family and has vowed never to make such a silly comment again and that it was completely out of character for her to make such a comment in the first place.

She did however not surprisingly, turn down an interview with journalists.

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