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McCann Assassin Targets Kate during London Marathon

Self styled ‘McCann Assassin’ Sean Hyland is at the center of a new threat to kill Kate McCann the mother of Madeleine McCann and vows to leave a vile legacy for the twins to read. On the evening of the … Continue reading

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Tony Bennett blunders contempt of court order

The disgraced solicitor Anthony Bennett was at the center of more controversy  following his sentencing at the high court last month for contempt. Bennett who runs the sinister ‘Madeleine Foundation’ was sentenced to three months in prison suspended for a year and ordered to pay court costs. During … Continue reading

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The Madeleine Foundation and the inextricable link to violence

Its all too easy these days to forgot about the legacy that the sinister Madeleine Foundation has left upon the internet and the Madeleine McCann investigation. It has never been a stranger to controversial activity but what has been somewhat glossed … Continue reading

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