The Wait is due to the Weight of New Evidence

The Portuguese attorney having a background in child protection is absolutely stunned by the deficient response and investigation in to the Madeleine McCann case says Kashif Bashir. Is this the real reason why she is now into a fifth week of considering the new evidence provided by the Scotland Yard team with a view to blowing wide open the failings and to give the inquiry a proper chance.

The new evidence that has been presented by the Scotland Yard review team leaves the Portuguese attorney with great deliberation. To open Madeleine’s inquiry again would immediately highlight the sweeping failures in the original investigation and will ultimately highlight why chief lead  Gonçalo Amaral was removed from the case.

The Operation Grange team have now identified sixty-seven “points of failure” in the investigation. Sixteen of which the Portuguese attorney has flagged for immediate follow up to save embarrassment and allegations of corruption in the initial inquiry. One of those points of failure is  a boot mark left on a “facing wall” along with a reinvestigation into tetra mast information regarding the location of a resort staff member which contradicts her statement and alibi for her partner at the time of Madeleine’s abduction.

In the case file presented to the attorney, the Grange team also highlight seven separate contentions of witness statements after the fact along with two accusations of negligence in filing witness reports.

The Madeleine McCann inquiry remains under consideration by the Portuguese attorney while further new evidence is collected by a new task team is comprised of Polícia Judiciária.

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