Portuguese Attorney Considers New Evidence in Madeleine McCann Investigation

The Operation Grange Team have presented the Portuguese attorney with new evidence in the Madeleine McCann case. The new evidence was presented 13th May 2013 after Kate McCann returned for the Algarve where she had spent some time privately in the area where Madeleine disappeared in 2007.

In a press conference today Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell outlined a number of new leads in the case including a very strong lead that indicates Madeleine was seen by four independent witnesses on May 4th 2007. DCS Campbell then went on to say that there were also a number of people of interest to the case that should be spoken to again in conjunction with statements given by witnesses. He reiterated that the review team still believe Madeleine could be alive as the leads they are following up are related to child trafficking on the European mainland.

 “You only have to look at the case in Cleveland, Ohio, and the European cases. Of course, there is a possibility she is alive, you cannot exclude it. But the key is to investigate the case and, alive or dead, we should be able to try and discern what happened.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell

While the Portuguese attorney considers the new evidence in the case,  Gonçalo Amaral must be paying close attention to the new leads that his investigation turned up but until now were never considered in parallel as a potential timeline of Madeleine being abducted. With some original witnesses interviewed again in the UK the review squad has asked the Portuguese attorney to consider opening the inquiry and re-interview a number of Portuguese witnesses with two being of particular interest to the investigation following the study of forensic material collected at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance from an area believed to have been used as a place Madeleine was held prior to being moved through Spain and into France.

In what is probably the most damning issue for Gonçalo Amaral is that the review team believe the Portuguese investigators had interviewed those who had taken part in the abduction in the initial investigation but never made the connection in witness statements. DCS Campbell said it was “perfectly probable” that the suspect was already in the files reviewed by Scotland Yard. A most revealing statement by the DCS.

“We have to ask ourselves why are cases unsolved and, on many occasions, we find we passed the suspects by already and the suspect sits within our system.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell

To date the Portuguese attorney has declined a new inquiry into Madeleine’s disappearance however the operation Grange team seem confident their new findings presented at the start of this week is enough to warrant Madeleine’s case to be opened again. It is understood that French and German experts in child trafficking have offered their expertise although DCS Campbell did not confirm this today.

In a related matter Martin Brunt the Sky News correspondent set the conspiracy theorists off today by tweeting that Madeleine McCann had been murdered. He quickly deleted the tweet and then reposted the same text but this time said the ‘disappearance of Madeleine McCann‘.

The reason for the error?

Martin has spent the last five days at the April Jones case where Mark Bridger is accused of her murder.

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One Response to Portuguese Attorney Considers New Evidence in Madeleine McCann Investigation

  1. KMCC says:

    I see from your twitter account that you are in Portugal….I just wondered if you have any indication when more official news updates can be expected?

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