The Final Days of Snr Amaral’s Reputation

‘The ongoing and then off going libel trial that the McCann’s legal team have brought against former lead investigator of Madeleine’s disappearance looks never to see a court room’ advises Sebastian Locke. It’s a huge turnaround in Amaral’s fierce posturing against the libel and defamation charges initially set at 1.2 million Euros should he lose the case. This increasingly likely outcome has played heavy on the former investigator’s mind and another settlement is up for consideration by both parties.

Gonçalo Amaral no longer has the physical presence he once had, particularly when he was featured across the world’s media as he tried to find Madeleine. Now appearing meek, painfully thin and quietly spoken Amaral is showing the sign of living under extreme stress for that last three years since his book on the McCann case was banned. While Kate McCann spent this May 3rd 2013 in quiet reflection in the Algarve it will come as no surprise to observers that Amaral’s team are considering an end to the legal wrangling with a more favourable agreement.

The days which will likely turn into months ahead will be nervous ones for Amaral. It’s no secret that at the hearing last year both parties had had enough and were looking to settle the dispute. The initial settlement although not surprising was late in coming, yet it did signal a desire by both the McCanns and Amaral to bring closure to what has been described as a living nightmare for all those concerned.

Speculation grew when it became apparent that the McCanns legal team had a wealth of evidence to challenge Amaral over his account of the case including some desperately flawed conclusions which were hurriedly acted upon with Kate and Gerry McCann being made arguidos. Growing pressure mounted when head of Scotland Yard’s Operation Grange team, DCI Redwood confirmed that they are not investigating the McCanns and there is no evidence indicating their involvement with Madeleine’s disappearance. This was the final blow for Amaral’s various theories and accusations against Kate McCann especially.

Whatever Amaral wanted to achieve with his book it’s unlikely that he is ever going to feel vindicated as it becomes a catalogue of errors as more information comes to light about the investigation. Especially in regards to the securing, or not as it happened, of a potential crime scene, the handling of evidence and the questioning of witnesses. For example officers following up on a potential sighting of Madeleine on the 4th May failed to contact the witnesses concerned and when they did some days later they made little note of their statements. If the sighting had been genuine, Madeleine and her abductor would have been long gone.

Ultimately it was Amaral who decided to take the investigation in a particular direction that led wrongly to Madeleine’s parents and could well in doing so allowed her abductor to escape the Algarve. What little evidence there might have been would have been destroyed after the crime scene was contaminated. It’s all too easy in hindsight to pick apart the investigation yet any libel trial is bound to highlight such examples forcing Amaral to confront, publically his grave mistakes in the Madeleine McCann case.

Amaral having to face his investigative shortcomings and flawed reasoning is the driving force behind his desire to settle out of court. Ultimately what does haunt Gonçalo Amaral is that a missing child depended on him to find her and that would make the strongest man reflect with a painful, searing regret.

The settlement figure from all accounts is said to be “generous”. The likelihood of a settlement being reached increases with each day of consideration. They have all had enough and none of this as has been repeated many times, brings Madeleine closer to home and being reunited with her family.

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One Response to The Final Days of Snr Amaral’s Reputation

  1. Fred Standen says:

    Irrespective of any shortcomings the police in Portugal did exactly the same as the UK police would have done. Without any evidence whatsoever for an abduction or anything else (in case you believe I am on a particular side of the argument), it would be normal for any police force to take a bit more than a fleeting interest into the family involved. There is no record of any child abduction in the Algarve either before or after the disappearance of the McCann girl and in spite of your comments the outcome of the UK investigation will not come up with anything new. Sad for the parents and sad for the child, which most likely is dead by now. A sorry story if nothing else.

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