Kate McCann to run London Marathon despite fears for her safety

Yesterday Kate McCann appeared on television to address the vile internet cowards and trolls who have threatened her life and the twins Sean and Amelie. Appearing to be stronger and more resolute than ever, Kate intends to run the London marathon despite an escalation in threats to her safety and that of the twins.

With heightened concerns over Kate’s safety the Star published an interview with her regarding the latest specific death threats, one of which is threatened for this Sunday as she waits to run the London Marathon. The threat is being treated as serious by police while those attempting to protect the person threatening Kate’s life are claiming that no death threats have been made.

While Kate puts her safety in the hands of the Metropolitan Police, the twins safety is being entrusted to close family friends following a specific threat to hurt or kidnap them. Despite these documented threats and growing concerns for Kate’s safety, the family haters and internet cowards are denying the specified attacks are imminent or that they have ever existed in the first place. As an exercise in blissful ignorance, it’s working well for those that refuse to accept that what they do every day on the internet is in fact hurting not just Kate as they intend, but also the twins who even by their warped thinking are innocent of anything.

While the Facebook gun group exchanges vicious comments defending Sheila Basher they also secretly discuss options to assault Kate along the marathon route to the point where specific locations are considered favorable where she could be dragged off the road and out of sight while another causes a distraction. Another specific threat passed onto police in the hope that they can take measures to prevent it from happening.

In a sick twist, following the Boston marathon bombing, Paul Rees, who has been cautioned for internet abuse before suggested to members to consider a bomb – ‘and it would like another terrorist plot and not arouse suspicion lol’

Every time Kate does make an appearance in the press or on television it is met with a deluge of abuse and accusations. Yesterday was no exception but today they are back peddling very fast now that the threats that they have been making are on the front page of a tabloid. Despite what is likely to be a similar mantra all day that no threats exist, the actual truth is that they do. So much so that two police constabularys are investigating them. Putting aside for one minute the gun threat that was made on Facebook, and to this day is defended by a small minority of members, there are other threats that have been made. However these are simply over looked by those with a mind to convince anyone that Kate is in no danger from them.

It’s all part of a deception from a group of people who have invested  nearly six years of hatred into a family who lost their daughter and a sister. Happily we live in a world where these thugs and cowards are ostracized for their abuse but this in turn only galvanizes their deep seated anger which eventually manifests in threats and attacks. And the threats have been going on for a very long time. Kate had to cancel dates for her book promotion when it was first released because of more specific threats to her life. Regular readers of this site will not be surprised to hear that self styled McCann Assassin Sean Hyland was at the center of the investigation after he openly threatened Kate and attempted to stage a book burning outside the branch of Waterstones.

With so much at stake and her fund raising I wish Kate well with her run on Sunday and hope that the Metropolitan Police keep her safe from her would-be attackers.

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