McCann Assassin Targets Kate during London Marathon

Self styled ‘McCann Assassin’ Sean Hyland is at the center of a new threat to kill Kate McCann the mother of Madeleine McCann and vows to leave a vile legacy for the twins to read.

On the evening of the 17th April, Hyland was seen touting for support from Liverpool based twitter users to take part in a plan to kill or seriously injure Kate McCann at the start of the London marathon where Hyland expects ‘to get away with a stiletto in the confusion with the big crowds.’

It’s not the first time Hyland and his motley crew have threatened people. He has previously been cautioned by police after he left threatening messages on Clarence Mitchell’s voice mail and accusing him of being a “kiddie killer”. Mitchell made a complaint against Hyland and it led to him being featured in an tabloid article where he revealed “The only way to shut me up is to jail me or kill me.”

In a chilling message that he circulated to his team Hyland reveals the plan to injure Kate at the start of the London marathon and then goes on to say that ‘she must know she’s hated and live in fear for the rest of her life’. This new threat appears to be different to the threat made on Facebook by Sheila Basher who threatened to shoot Kate during the marathon.

Humberside police have said they are now looking into several complaints made in connection with Hyland’s latest threat. This website contacted Leicestershire Police and I was reassured that Hyland is known to them and should he attempt to trespass on the McCann’s family home or property belonging to the school where the twins are educated he will be immediately arrested. I also took the liberty to pass on my concerns to the Leicestershire MP.

As a postscript to this very alarming new threat to Madeleine’s family, it comes as no surprise that Hyland is appealing to native Liverpudlians in helping him achieve his murderous intentions. He has very close links with Merseyside including former lover and Liverpool University lecturer Vanessa Sluming. Calling herself a “hacker extraordinaire” it is well documented on the internet their activities for creating trouble on websites and threatening site administrators. Hyland first met Sluming on a forum website called the 3 Arguidos where the pair systemically threatened members and McCann family friends.

Hyland also has strong ties to the sinister Madeleine Foundation and it’s chief agitator Tony Bennett. Bennett was recently sentenced at the High Court for a sustained campaign against Kate and Gerry McCann. The settlement fee ordered by the court is in excess of £210,000 and will leave Bennett and his Foundation bankrupt. Since Madeleine went missing in May 2007, Bennett and his Foundation have intruded in the McCann’s lives and home after they did an early morning leaflet drop in Rothley. The leaflet accused both Kate and Gerry of being involved with Madeleine’s disappearance and even concealing a crime. The leaflet caused outrage and disgust in their community and soon after the Foundation were indicted for libel by the McCann’s legal team.

During the height of the Foundation’s persecution of the McCann family and friends, Hyland and his team acted as enforcers for Bennett and threatened anyone who was seen to question the campaign.

At this time no police force in connection with this threat would comment on whether Kate, should she still choose to take part in the marathon would get additional protection from Metropolitan Police since there have been two specific threats against her life.

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