McCann Facebook Trolls plan to attack UK Justice Forum

The Facebook group that had a member threaten Madeleine McCann‘s mother Kate during the London Marathon intend to attack the UK Justice Forum website.

Hostilities have broken out since members of the Justice Forum asked the flighty Liz Taylor known as HiDeHo to reply to a multitude of errors, misleading statements and total fabrications that her videos on Madeleine McCann contain and which she posts to You Tube.

A former member of the Facebook group talked to this website after leaving them as she felt very uncomfortable with what was being said on anti McCann family forums and in Facebook messages. She did identify prominent members of the group who believe they can initiate a denial of service attack on the forum’s server after they managed to identify the key infrastructure based in the Netherlands. The former Facebook member also believes that other members will attempt to create multiple logins on the forum site with which to begin trolling the site in the event the website remains on the internet.

With the weekend planned action drawing near many other members are believed to be wanting to leave the group but feel threatened from personal attacks due to private information they have shared with other members.

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