Facebook Group Plans Orchestrated Attack against McCann family

The vile Facebook group responsible for threatening to shoot Kate McCann has told selected members “we must link the McCanns to the Philpotts to encourage more anger towards them”


Liz Taylor (above) obsesses over Kate and Gerry McCann in her videos

What appears to be an orchestrated on-line attack, the Facebook members are to use twitter and Facebook to compare Mick Philpott and his wife Mairead to Kate and Gerry McCann in a bid to tarnish the McCanns as “kiddy killers”. It’s an atrocious attack against the McCanns and it has already started on twitter comparing Mick Philpotts staged press conference with those press conferences Kate and Gerry did encouraging people to look for Madeleine.

The social networking site is already under investigation after one member Paul Rees was caught adding people to the group without their consent following a mass exodus of members due to the media attention from the gun threat made against Kate by one of the members.

The groups administrator Liz Taylor, who calls herself HiDeHo online was formally warned by Facebook last week regarding the members constant abuse of the Terms and Conditions, including the uploading of photos of Madeleine McCann by Paul Rees that are illegal. Rees also has the images on his twitter page with an image that has been digitally manipulated to sexualize Madeleine.

Once before various internet forums and Facebook groups have tried to link other child abuse cases to the McCann case. Once Karen Matthews had been sentenced a similar strategy to the one being adopted now was used to smear the public image of Kate by comparing her to the jailed mother of Shannon.

Because there is no evidence to reasonably suspect the McCanns of any wrong doing, those that seek to hurt Madeleine’s family attempt to do so by associating them with convicted child abusers. One such evil attack orchestrated by a vile troll on twitter made a comparison to Moors Murderers Hindley and Brady. This is the level and appalling depths these people will go to in an attempt to destroy the McCann family on-line and make very uncomfortable reading for the twins; Sean and Amelie in the near future.

Ms Taylor refused to talk to this website regarding her Facebook warnings and accused myself of being a UK Justice Forum ‘troll’ following her public mental meltdown on the site.

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1 Response to Facebook Group Plans Orchestrated Attack against McCann family

  1. John Evans says:

    I first came across crazy Liz Taylor approximately 8 years ago in a chat room called Knowhere….(it no longer exist’s…I was pretty obvious to many of us in that chat room that Liz Taylor was nothing less than a wacko…She has quite a long history as a “confidence thief”…along with so much more.Even back then she claimed to be in contact on a regular basis with Detectives at New Scotland Yard…The woman is NUTS….!!

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