Tony Bennett blunders contempt of court order

The disgraced solicitor Anthony Bennett was at the center of more controversy  following his sentencing at the high court last month for contempt. Bennett who runs the sinister ‘Madeleine Foundation’ was sentenced to three months in prison suspended for a year and ordered to pay court costs.

During the trial Bennett denied owning a website that the McCanns legal team had been investigating because of suspicions that Bennett was using the website to make lurid and false accusations against Kate and Gerry. The Jill Havern site, now dubbed The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann has long been suspected as being an operational front for the Foundation while Bennett remained entangled with legal wranglings with the High Court and the McCanns legal team. However Bennett has always denied owning and operating the site and assured the high court Judge, Mr Justice Tugendhat that he was just a member.

The reason for this specific denial from Bennett was crucial for him in being able to advise the court that demands to have libelous content removed from the site were delayed because the owner and founder of the site was not available to action the demands. Clearly this was a fabrication and a stalling tactic from Bennett who inadvertently confirmed his administrator and founder status on the site by replying to a question put to Tony Bennett using the owner account.

Bennett in a BBC interview outside the High Court in London stated that he vowed never to speak again about the McCanns and he was no longer going to pursue them. This vow lasted until he got outside the confines of the city where upon he declared he was going to appeal the sentence and conditions of the original contempt charge. Presumably so he can once again maintain a high profile campaign of hatred against Madeleine’s parents.

It’s a double blow for Bennett as he has also been connected to Sheila Basher, the twisted company director from Cornwall UK. Basher threatened to shoot Kate McCann while she took part in the London Marathon for charity.She has since apologized unreservedly to Kate McCann following a police caution.

A Devon and Cornwall police officer stated that Ms Basher’s actions had been fully investigated and they found no reason to suspect that Kate McCann was in any danger. Basher is deeply sorry for what she has said and regrets any pain or concern she may have caused the family. Devon and Cornwall police will not be pursuing the matter any further.

This is further evidence of the inextricable link between the Madeleine Foundation and violent threats made towards the McCann family.

In a related story, Canadian national HiDeHo who claimed to have spoken to an investigator within the Scotland Yard Operation Grange unit has now denied that Sheila Basher is connected to the Madeleine Foundation. In a startling attempt to deceive police she has given a statement that the Sheila Basher who made the gun threat on her Facebook account was not the same Sheila Basher who stated that she hired a taxi from Cornwall to attend Bennett’s High Court sentencing.

I can only speculate that this attempt to distance Basher from the Foundation has been done at the demand of Bennett himself or the Foundation enforcers. However crude and poorly carried out, it does indicate that Bennett is now equally concerned about the Foundation’s link to violent behavior as he is his High Court appeal.

In addition to this link it is also strongly believed that Basher was part of the Foundation team that went around the streets of Rothley in the early hours of the morning posting Foundation leaflets. Bennett has categorically denied ever being involved with the leafleting that horrified local residents. Ms Debbie Butler, former chair person of the Foundation disputes this. She discusses the Rothley leaflets in an interview with the BBC and  has on numerous occasion claimed that Bennett was there with them and took part in the activity.

There is certainly evidence to indicate that Bennett was there. Prior to them travelling onto Rothley, the members had lunch at a local restaurant where Bennett took a photo with Butler’s camera of the group. Personal articles of Bennett’s are clearly visible at the table.

Other members of the party that day were Helene Green, Sharon Bradford and what was first believed to be Foundation thug and enforcer Sean Hyland. This was an incorrect identification as the masked motor cycle rider was in fact Grenville Green, Helene’s husband.

Since Bennett’s sentencing by the High Court, his alleged attendance at Rothley that day has become somewhat a moot point. He has gone on with the Foundation faithful to impose his poorly researched opinion and conclusions on to anyone who will listen. Now shunned by most websites Bennett preaches to audiences of hardcore conspiracy theorists and ultra right wing groups. Bennett’s links with the far right are well documented. Although it is rumored, Bennett was not kicked out of the UK Labour party. He left along with his right wing Europhobe colleague Michael Shrimpton in 1997 over Tony Blair’s stance on the EU. Shrimpton after leaving politics went onto write fictional intelligence briefs including one for the McCann investigation where he recommended carpet bombing Belgium to clear a path for the escaping commando unit. Bennett remained in politics joining UKIP and then the Veritas Party where he was kicked out for his extreme right wing and religious views.

It does very much appear that behind the facade that is the Foundation, Bennett has maintained his links with the far right.

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