Stark warning to Kate McCann; ‘run London Marathon and you die’

It’s no surprise to see someone who spends the majority of their days on-line telling anyone who will listen to them that Kate and Gerry McCann must be subjected to mob injustice announce a very public death threat to Kate. The threat was very clear, run the London Marathon and you will be shot.

Sheila Basher (pictured) admitted she could supply a firearm for London Marathon

What is a surprise is the sudden press interest in what is, lets be honest with one another, a daily occurrence from the people who viciously attack a missing child’s memory and her parents on-line every day. The UK papers running the story are quite revealing; The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Express to name just three.

The administrator of the Facebook page was tracked down and is believed to be a very prominent member of the sinister ‘Madeleine Foundation’ with the on-line pseudonym ‘Hi-De-Ho’. This Foundation member has spent hours obsessively posting videos to You Tube demanding that ‘Foundation’ cult leader Tony Bennett be freed from the charge of contempt of court. Hi-De-Ho also posts multiple videos weekly to her You Tube account that accuse Kate and Gerry McCann of Rothley, Leicestershire in the UK of being involved with their daughters disappearance. Even going so far as accusing them of her death.

This isn’t the first time that both Kate and Gerry McCann have been threatened with violence, or indeed the twins. In early 2009 a violent and known person of interest to police, Sean Hyland, threatened to fire bomb the family home after he became angry that no one else would take direct action against the family. Hyland, 51, and living in Scunthorpe who calls himself the ‘McCann Assasin’ (sic) has made a catalogue of threats to the McCann family and Mr Clarence Mitchell, the official spokesman for the McCann family. Leading a team of hard-line extremists, Hyland and his group have openly discussed assault, kidnapping and extortion as a way to hurt the McCann family. The group have also donated money to Bennett’s ‘Foundation’ as well as taking part in distributing printed material that is designed to incite hatred against Madeleine’s family.

Facebook and twitter members Zoe Jones and Paul Rees have also previously threatened the family, Zoe going as far as to make a veiled threat against Madeleine herself if she should be found alive. Paul Rees maintains a digitally manipulated picture of Madeleine in his twitter profile, a picture that has been ruled illegal in the UK because of the changes that have been made to her image to sexualise her. Paul and Zoe have been violently out spoken in the past to defend Tony Bennett of the ‘Foundation’.

‘Hi-De-Ho’ when asked regarding her Facebook group dismissed the threat as a joke after having to delete the entire discussion and refusing to apologise to Kate McCann. Off the public site she indicated that even though she sympathised with the person wanting to gun Kate down, it was not something she could allow to be said in public any more given the amount of press interest. Back in the public side of the group Hi-De-Ho then lied claiming that she was unable to remove the comment due to illness. Even if this was true, the site has additional administrators who could have deleted the comments. Only when the threats and talk of organised disruption to the marathon was circulated was Hi-De-Ho then persuaded by members to remove the death threat.

The Metropolitan Police are now investigating the threat and the other disruption to the London Marathon that the members discussed. Officers today passed details of the threat to the Operation Grange investigation squad, the government set up review team looking into Madeleine’s disappearance. The investigating team have taken an interest after it was revealed that Hi-De-Ho has contacted them frequently accusing Kate and Gerry McCann of various crimes committed against Madeleine.

A Metropolitan Police Press Officer said “we take any threat of violence against the person very seriously and we will be pursuing this threat that we have been made aware of from journalists.”

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