MET Insider ‘Kate could run marathon under police protection’

A Metropolitan police insider has said that Kate McCann could run the London marathon under police protection following a number of threats made against her life in the last six months.

The insider spoke to this website following the ongoing investigation into Sheila Basher, a retired company director from Cornwall who discussed gunning Kate down during the London sporting event due to be held next month. This is just one of a long list of death threats that have been reported to various constabularies throughout the United Kingdom.

The insider went on to reveal that this would not be the first time a participant in the marathon had been given police protection following a specific threat to their life. They revealed that as well as a high visibility police presence along the route there have been times where police protection have run alongside or close to participants in the event of other runners or members of the crowd attempting to commit a crime. On one occasion the insider revealed that the protection team were armed with concealed pistols.

Concern regarding Madeline’s mother, Kate McCann running the marathon has increased following a very public announcement on Facebook by a member discussing obtaining a firearm with which to shoot Kate with as she ran. The member left no doubt of her desire to see Kate shot as she ended the chilling threat with “bannnnnnnnnnnnng”.

Scotland Yard who are investigating Basher’s threat are continuing with their enquiries.

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