Kate McCann ‘Gun maniac’ named as Sheila Basher of Cornwall UK

The woman who threatened to gun down Kate McCann while she takes part in the London Marathon has been named as Sheila Basher from Cornwall, United Kingdom.

After Basher’s comment was picked up by the UK media her threat was finally deleted from Facebook and group administrator known as ‘Hi-De-Ho’, left Basher in no doubt; apologize publicly for that or you are banned from the group for jeopardizing our operation.

Shortly before 14:00 today, Basher finally complied with the groups increasing pressure to apologise and posted this comment to the Facebook group:

I apologise to Kate Mccan for My stupid comment I posted on this group about getting a gun and shooting Her ,It was a silly comment not meant with malice ,And I am positive People Who know Me understand it was a comment posted in the haste of the moment and would not be a threat !!And after it was posted I realised it was a really dreadful thing to say !! And once again I openly apologise to Kate Macann!!

As well as Basher’s threat to gun Kate McCann down, the group also discussed other ways that they could disrupt the famous sporting event hosted by London. One suggested harassing Kate at each drinks stop in the race while others favoured ambushing Madeleine’s mother as she reached the finish line in the Mall wearing masks as so not to be identified by CCTV or BBC cameras who broadcast the event.

Basher’s background involvement with the campaign against the McCann family has also included activity undertaken for the ‘Madeleine Foundation’, an organisation dedicated to libelling the McCanns. In Febuary 2013 Tony Bennett, the cult leader of the Foundation was finally sentenced for his sustained attacks against the family since 2007.

Bennett, a now retired and disgraced solicitor represented himself at the High Court and facing a custodial sentence plea bargained with the prosecution. He agreed to hand over to the court a seventeen page document that named and detailed every ‘Foundation’ activists and associates as well as the names and addresses of web site owners who had contributed to the ‘Foundation’.

To date, neither Tony Bennett or the Foundation have disclosed the full list of names in the document now dubbed the ‘Prometheus File’.

Scotland Yard have said today that they will continue to look into Basher’s threat to gun down Kate in the London Marathon but did not reveal whether they plan to make any arrests.

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  1. Guest says:

    About Sheila Basher
    Sheila Basher is currently 72 years old and first became a director 22 years ago at the age of 50. Her most recent non-secretarial directorship is with Butler and Basher Limited where she holds the position of “Coppersmith”.

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