Death threats come complimentary from McCann family trolls

Getting inside the mind set of people who spend their every waking hour on social media sites rabidly attacking Madeleine McCann and her parents isn’t very hard. It can be summed up quite adequately with the not so surprising news that they intend to disrupt the London Marathon this year simply because Madeleine’s mother, Kate McCann is taking part.

Discussing their tactics one of the members of this Facebook group suggested taking a gun along with the intent of shooting Kate. As astounding as this might be, this nefarious group of individuals have threatened similar violence before. One member, Sean Hyland from Scunthorpe discussed secretly to fire bomb the McCann family home in Rothley murdering the twins and Madeleine’s parents.

It has long been debated on internet forums such schemes to hurt the McCann family. Anything from kidnapping the twins to assaulting Kate or Gerry while out in Rothley. The threats from this deranged but dedicated group have been taken so seriously in the past that Kate was advised by police not to appear at certain venues during her book signing tour of the United Kingdom.

All these threats have taken place in the public arena yet little, if anything has been done to protect the family, especially Kate McCann who seems to concentrate the groups intense hatred and becomes the daily focus of their plans to “address the injustice”. And herein lies the problem that these like minded people fail to understand. They consider themselves Madeleine’s voice, that justice for this missing girl can only be done through their actions and ultimate consent. In the daily jostling of egos that takes place across the internet these people invest hours, as they have years, into making sure there is only one mantra for their dark religion; it demands sacrifice and it demands an ignorance of investigative procedures, forensic science, process of physical evidence, DNA and criminal profiling.

They also lack empathy for a family who have lost their daughter.

This sustained and very public attack against the McCann family doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon. Almost six years they have invested their hatred, sustained cruel attacks and libelous comment. And for those six years the McCann family have remained staunch in their single minded goal; to find and return their missing daughter Madeleine to them.

These vile trolls will never succeed in undermining their spirit or resolve in finding Madeleine.

Yet they never give up trying. Tony Bennett, a disgraced solicitor in the United Kingdom jumped on the Madeleine McCann case almost immediately and began weaving a conspiracy around the now disproved media sensationalism of the time. He was certainly not alone, many vultures came to roost at a website called the 3 Arguidos and on this site they slowly concocted their libelous campaigns. Only recently did Tony Bennett finally get his day in court and be handed down a suspended sentence for his activities that he carried out under the malevolent ‘Madeleine Foundation’.

The ‘Foundation’ were the group who spent the early hours of a morning dropping leaflets through the doors of  Rothley residents claiming that Madeleine’s parents were complicit in some way for her disappearance among many other ludicrous suggestions. This leaflet drop earned them front page headlines in the Express courtesy of then ‘Foundation’ chair woman Ms Deborah Butler.

There will be more about the sinister ‘Madeleine Foundation’ at a later date as the authorities continue to scrutinize Tony Bennett and his continuing  campaign against Madeleine’s family.

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